Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The War within Islam
20 Sep 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com
Maldives: The Right to Remain Silent

By Yameen Rasheed

When a non-Muslim man publicly declared his disbelief in religion at a well-attended public lecture by Dr Zakir Naik in May 2010, the preacher on stage reacted with wide-eyed surprise and told his audience he was told the Maldives was a ‘100% Muslim’ society. Now that he knew better, he corrected the statistic to “100% minus 1”. ..... he should have just exercised his right to remain silent. But he didn’t, and the sacred statistic tragically changed to ‘100% Muslim minus one dead man’. Then in August 2011, reports emerged of a Maldivian girl in a southern atoll who professed to be non-Muslim, once again changing the statistic to ‘100% Muslim minus one dead man, and one deviant girl’. -- Yameen Rasheed


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