Friday, September 23, 2011

Islam and Politics
23 Sep 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com
Yes, I Booz: Haan Mein Peeta Hoon!

BY Nadeem F. Paracha

When the sale of alcoholic beverages was banned in 1977 in Pakistan, it was more of a political decision than a moral one. However, it was also true that in the event of the ineffectual and divided opposition against Bhutto in the parliament and the streets, his opponents, especially in the shape of the Mohajirs (Urdu speakers) in Karachi and the right-wing anti-Bhutto bourgeoisie in the Punjab, largely expressed their opposition to Bhutto’s populist ‘socialist/secular’ regime through the IJT in educational institutions. During a rally in Lahore the same year, Bhutto responded by telling the crowds that, ‘Haan mein sharab peeta hoon, laikan awam ka khoon nahi peeta!’ (Yes I drink, but I do not drink the people’s blood). -- Nadeem F. Paracha

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