Monday, September 26, 2011

Islam and Spiritualism
26 Sep 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com
Abul Hasan Nuri: Radiating Love

By Sadia Dehlvi

When Nuri, a leading Sufi of Baghdad in the ninth century, spoke, light radiated from his mouth. Nuri defined a true mystic as, 'One who belongs to no one and nothing belongs to him.' He believed that Sufis gain knowledge through God and every action of the enlightened mystic is through Him. During the orthodox Baghdad Caliphate under Ghulam Khalil, some mystic friends of Nuri's, including the famed mystic Shibli, were to be executed on charges of heresy for preaching the Sufi doctrine. In a gesture of rare friendship, Nuri volunteered to go to the gallows in place of the accused. Nuri's death occurred in a peculiar fashion. One day, a blind man was crying, 'God. God!' Nuri went up to him saying, 'What do you know of Him? If you know, you still live?' Having said that, Nuri lost his senses and overpowered with yearning for God, he walked into the freshly harvested reed beds. The reeds pierced Nuri's feet and with every drop of blood that fell, the word Allah appeared. -- Sadia Dehlvi

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