Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Islam and Spiritualism
14 Sep 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com

By Asghar Ali Engineer

Islam originated in a society which very badly needed higher morality. In Mecca, the birth place of Islam, there was several material and spiritual problems. The Surah Fatihah, referred to above, describes Allah, not only Compassionate and Merciful but also as Rabb al-‘Alamin i.e. one who is sustainer and perfector of all his creation i.e. all the worlds (entire universe). He sustains all without any discrimination, even for those who do not obey Him and those who follow this or that faith. The Allah does not impose any restriction of faith. Deen is one and has been sent in different forms to different nations and no faith tradition is thus superior to the other. This is a universal approach which leads to acceptance of all religions as all of them emanate from Allah. Unfortunately this universal approach of Qur’an is not accepted as universally as it should be. Had it been accepted there would have been no conflict in the world. Religion becomes more of an identity than spiritual doctrine and identity leads to competitive spirit resulting in conflict. Thus Qur’an promotes not only inclusive approach but also acceptance of all religions with equal respect. Thus Qur’anic morality goes beyond tolerance to respect and inclusivity. This inclusivity and universality leads one to high morality. Intolerance which one finds in practice has nothing to do with Qur’anic teachings. -- Asghar Ali Engineer

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