Thursday, September 15, 2011

Radical Islamism & Jihad
15 Sep 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com
From One Ground Zero to Another: Sister of 9/11 Victim Meets Afghan Who Lost Family in U.S. Bombing

Amy Goodman in a talk with Masuda Sultan and Rita Lasar

There were women and children running for their lives, being shot at by a helicopter hovering over their homes. And these people were not Taliban supporters. They weren’t al-Qaeda fighters. They were simple Afghans trying to stay safe in their own country. The events of September 11th really made me angry, but seeing these people and what they went through makes me angry, as well. And then I got a call from this wonderful woman from this marvelous organization called Global Exchange, and she said, "Would you like to go to Afghanistan and meet people like you who have lost their families?" And I thought, "That’s perfect," because Masuda and I are the same. There’s no difference between us. My family member died, I’m grieving, and her family—God, I don’t know how—how you survived, just hearing about yours. But we’re the same people. And so, I’m going to Afghanistan. -- Amy Goodman in a talk with Masuda Sultan and Rita Lasar

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