Monday, September 19, 2011

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19 Sep 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com
May the Message from Ka’aba Awaken the Muslims of the World (Concluding Part)

By Maulana Khalid Saufullah Rahmani

(Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi,

First proposal of the Declaration is based on the importance of “Unflinching Faith”on the Islamic Shariah. It wishes Islamic world to provide ways and means of teaching Deen and Shariah to the younger generation. It requests Muslim governments and its masses to be committed to bring Shariah in their lives. It asks to understand the moderate means of Islam and to act accordingly. This proposal addresses the government and the people asks to strive to solve the problems being faced by the Islamic world and to try to safeguard the lives and properties of the Muslim brethren at all cost. One of the most important and major points of this Declaration is to formulate such rules and regulations which is a declaration of rights and duties of Muslim governments, rulers and common masses in the light of Islamic Shariah and Deen. It must also be clarifying the rights of Muslim minorities and their relationship with the people of other religions. It also has to highlight as to how the work of Dawah, and such other works should be done with mutual understanding among all the Islamic organisations and groups. The fact remains that in the present circumstances it is a very difficult job to keep all the organisations and groups united on the world level. May this voice arising from the shadows of the walsl of Khana e Ka’aba awaken the Muslims all over the world and be effective in solving their problems. “W Billahil Taufeeque” -- Maulana Khalid Saufullah Rahmani (Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi,

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