Saturday, June 30, 2012

War is Terrorism, is War: Disgust over the profound silence of Muslims on terrorism, Islam and the West,

Islam and the West
War is Terrorism, is War: Disgust over the profound silence of Muslims on terrorism
By Tracy E. Tomlinson

Throughout history war has been the catalyst of scenarios culminating in acts of genocide and mass murder in such grand proportion that the sociopolitical impact has been that of a terrorism campaign. Indeed, protracted conflicts configure the ideal conditions for elements of terrorism from all sides.

For the past eight years the US has committed to what it calls a war 'against' terrorism.

Though perhaps few Americans question the rationale for an aggressive movement to minimize the possibility of future attacks on American soil, there is a critical world view of the tactical results and the effort to withhold timely, factual information regarding on the ground realities of a two front conflict.

Terrorism is not just a term inserted into the script of foreign policy. It is a conception wrought of the violent acts and ideological attitudes formulated in orchestrating collective influence and social change. It is administered with the intent of reducing the public psyche to a simple equation of fear and submission. This is potently clear within the deconstructive campaigns of Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung for example.

With this in mind I would mention that although history illustrates the brutal necessitates of power brokering between nations and within societies, the consequence of modern state terror has never been so relentlessly challenged by small, covert cells of civilian agents, nor has it been so blatantly justified in the broad political theater as the means to a an end.,-is-war--disgust-over-the-profound-silence-of-muslims-on-terrorism/islam-and-the-west/d/2242

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