Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saudi Casualties Climb In Border War With Rebels, Islamic World News,

Islamic World News
Saudi Casualties Climb In Border War With Rebels

Saudi officials say at least 73 soldiers have been killed in fighting against rebels along its border with Yemen.

Assistant Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan said on state television there were, as he described them, "73 martyrs and 26 missing" since the conflict began in November.

Saudi Arabia launched its assault against Yemen's Shiite Muslim rebels, known as Houthis, last month after the insurgents staged a cross-border incursion that killed two Saudi border guards.

Rebel leaders dispute the Saudi's assessment that the war is nearly over and accused the Saudi air force of attacking civilian targets.

Analysts worry that a prolonged war might complicate efforts to prevent al-Qaeda militants based in Yemen from infiltrating into the country.

Stability in the Gulf state is of global concern because the kingdom controls more than one fifth of the world's crude oil reserves and is a major holder of U.S. assets.

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