Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Zionist Sultan Shahin, Here is a real confession of a Zionist Jew, Letter to the Editor,

Letter to the Editor
Dear Zionist Sultan Shahin, Here is a real confession of a Zionist Jew

Note that after giving this interview, Harold Wallace Rosenthal was killed, obviously because he revealed too much. He was killed during a hijacking staged by Mossad behind the scenes in which he was the only one targeted by the hijackers. As we showed before, Abu Nidhal and company are on the Mossad payroll and do the Mossad’s bidding whether it is to get rid of persons who reveal too much or to stage hijackings at specific times to give propaganda value to the Zionists.

Please remember that the leaders of Zionism are neither True-Torah Jews, or Israelites or Judeans or practicing converted Jews, i.e. they are Babylonian Satanists Luciferians apostate imposters as explained in the Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview below. Zionism is not Biblical, rather, it is Cabalism from Babylon, just like the modern day fiat money usury based banking system and other immoral values being imposed on monotheists by these new-Sion (Sun) worshippers.

“Jew” is not a Hebrew or Aramaic word. Jew is not in the 1611 KJV Bible. In later years, Jew was used to refer to European Babylonian Talmudic converts. Jews are not descendents of Y’srael or Y’acoob, they are the descendents of Yapheth and not of Sem. The ancient Hebrews were not called Jews, it is a fraudulent translation. The ancient Israelites were not Jews and neither are their descendants.,-here-is-a-real-confession-of-a-zionist-jew/letter-to-the-editor/d/2172

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