Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hold intellectual dialogue to combat terrorism: Pakistan’s Islamic Council, Islamic World News,

Islamic World News
Hold intellectual dialogue to combat terrorism: Pakistan’s Islamic Council

Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman Dr. Muhammad Khalid Masud on Monday called for holding an intellectual dialogue to effectively tackle the issue of militancy.

Talking to APP he said that the Council of Islamic Ideology in the book ‘Islam aur Intaha Pasandi’, to be launched on Tuesday, recommended that all Muslims countries should adopt a joint strategy to combat extremism and for it to constitute a special committee of experts in Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC). Terrorism in the name of Jihad should be strictly restricted, he said and added that it also recommended strengthening of political system and ensure provision of equal rights to people without any discrimination.

All kinds of human rights violations should be immediately stopped. It is also recommended that Interior ministry should be issued private detective licence which help root out camps involved in terrorist activities. National intelligence departments should be re-strengthened.

Media should responsibly educate people rather than disseminating sensationalism in society. Anti-terrorism courts should be more strengthened and terrorism related cases should be decided without any fear or undue favour. Boundaries of the country should be drawn clearly and tribal areas be included under stated area.

It is also recommended that in every area law and order situation should be monitored through establishing peace committees at federal, provincial and district level and nurture the atmosphere of tolerance and mutual differences or difference of opinion should not be reason of hatred.

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