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Pakistan: Combating Terrorism, checking the spread of hate through religious seminaries, Islam,Terrorism and Jihad,

Islam,Terrorism and Jihad
Pakistan: Combating Terrorism, checking the spread of hate through religious seminaries
Combating terrorism
By Alam Rind
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There is no doubt that we are at war. A war which is no more confined to the borders. Rather, it has altered its form to accommodate the fragile nuclear hangover prevailing in the subcontinent. In this war soldiers, civilians, women and children are being targeted by terrorists without discrimination. Religious scholars have already declared them non-Muslims. In such a changed environment the nation has to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with its security forces in every nook and corner of the country.

The terrorists have a well established network, which includes a large pool of trained manpower, a huge stockpile of explosives and multiple teams of experts to identify potential targets. How they can manage all this? Why people don't report their presence? And what people should do to protect themselves? These important questions need to be answered.

Absence of jobs, exploitation, persistent poverty and a general apathy towards the state of affair of the deprived segments have become accepted norms. This indifference breeds loss of hope. Poverty-stricken segments become easy prey for terrorist outfits, especially since the outfits are guised as religious and philanthropic organisations. Sending their sons to religious seminaries persuades them that their offspring are acquiring religious education. This provides an opportunity to their spurious religious teachers to indoctrinate them. Through their deceitful teachings they prime such youths to be used as suicidal bombers. According to Interior Minister Rehman Malik, suicide bombers are available for between Rs500,000 and Rs1,500,000. What a pity, our youth is being used by our enemies against us.,-checking-the-spread-of-hate-through-religious-seminaries/islam,terrorism-and-jihad/d/2264

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