Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Is Anti-Atheist Bigotry

by Austin Cline

Columnist Austin Cline writes about the bigotry spread far and wide in America against anti-atheism in following words:
The strength of anti-atheist bigotry in America is undeniable. But how exactly does this anti-atheist bigotry manifest? How do religious theists — Christians, primarily — express or act on their bigotry towards atheists? What does anti-atheist bigotry in America look like?
The most fundamental and serious expression of anti-atheist bigotry in America is to deny atheists' very humanity on some level. The worst form is to deny that atheists have any reason to be moral because morality requires gods and/or morality proves the existence of gods. This sort of hate-mongering feeds the perception that atheist can't be trusted, a frequently cited reason for discrimination against atheists.
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