Monday, April 2, 2012

The Teachings of Islam Encompass the Whole Life

The Teachings of Islam Encompass the Whole Life
The article, “The Teaching of Islam Encompass the whole life” is spiritual in nature and deals with the Islamic teachings which guide our lives.  The article goes on as:
EVERY human being is connected with Allah spiritually. However, in this material world, we also get ourselves connected with other entities, such as parents, family, kin, community, society, country etc. The ethics of connectivity with others has deep spiritual roots in religion.  Our day-to-day condition, happy or otherwise, is also subjected to the interaction with these relationships. Every entity or relationship with which we are connected entails certain rights and responsibilities. We are to fulfil these to maintain cordiality in relationships. The teachings of Islam encompass the whole life; they guide us first to fortify our spiritual bond with Allah. This is fundamental and at the core of Islam’s overall message.

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