Monday, April 2, 2012

Hindus Leaving Homeland Amid Security Fears

Hindus Leaving Homeland Amid Security Fears
Columnist Ali K Chishti describes the pathetic condition in which the minorities of Pakistan are living. For the fear of security they are fleeing their homeland. The author writes:
Having lived in Sindh for centuries, Hindus are migrating because of forced conversions, murders and abductions for ransom
Mohan Lal Harchandani, another Hindu leader, says his community has been living in Sindh for thousands of years. "Not only do we see Pakistan as our country, we work and pray for its prosperity," he said.
But the community is concerned about its security. Hindus were 16 percent of Pakistan's population in 1947, but have been reduced to 2 percent. In 1947, there were 428 functioning temples in the country. Now, there are only 26, according to Jamohan Kumar Arora from Rawalpindi. But the 3 million Hindus as per the 1998 census are still the largest religious minority in Pakistan. Most of them live in Karachi, Mirpurkhas and Sukkur regions of Sindh.

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