Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Religious Violence: Fall of Godly Sanity

by Ayodeji Alabi

Columnist Ayodeji Alabi proves how all kinds of upheaval in the world is because of us forgetting God. He writes: Violence is the exertion of physical force against a perceived opponent, barrier or challenge, so as to kill, injure, weaken, overcome or abuse. It is the application and /or display of intense, turbulent or furious and often destructive action to achieve control and /or dominion in the event of perceived opposition, either real or imagined, against a desired goal or target. The intent of violence is, “to subdue or take by force, something” (either justifiably, legally or morally, or otherwise), which is in contention between two or more individuals or groups, including persons, communities, nations, associations, professions, government and religions, etc. Synonyms of ‘violence’ include force, coercion, compulsion, constraint, and duress. Closely related to these are fury, savagery, assault, attack, clash, onslaught, rampage, struggle, tumult, and uproar. The only antonym of all the above is ‘peace’, which only synonym is ‘non-violence.’ It is also instructive to state that the two, violence and peace, do not co-habit. Peace disappears where violence exists, and vice versa. Peace is good, while violence destroys. Being ‘good’ is a virtue which flows from the inside of a man through the infilling of the Spirit of God.

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