Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Toulouse Shootings have United France in Grief

by Eve Gani

Columnist Eve Gani has described how French Jews and Muslims did come together to mourn in the aftermath of Toulouse killing in the following words:
French Jews and Muslims have come together to mourn, breaking easy links between their people and Israeli policies or Jihadism
 We were in a state of shock that Monday, early in the morning, when we discovered that our children's lives had been snatched by a cold-hearted killer who had poured his hate and his bullets into the heart of a Jewish school.
 Then the anguish came, with all the questions that followed about who the killer was and the possibility he might kill again. Given who the victims were – Muslims in Montauban, Jews in Toulouse – we realised very quickly there was a message of racist, anti-Semitic hate, but also, because of the two institutions that were hit, the army on the one hand, the school on the other, it was clear that these were also attacks on the institutions and symbols of the republic.

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