Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Through Islamic Schools, Mosques, and Indoctrination at Home Islamist Radicalism Passed on to Third Generation

by Barry Rubin

Columnist Barry Rubin says Islamic schools, mosques and indoctrination at home is the cause of radicalisation of Islam. He writes:
 Radicalism is being passed on to the third generation through Islamic schools, mosques and indoctrination at home. In effect, France and other countries are turning themselves into permanently unstable bi-national states. That’s dangerous
The murders in Toulouse should be a wake-up call for France and all of Europe. True, the assaults on Jews and French soldiers were three individual terror attacks perpetrated supposedly by a single individual. The more information that emerges, however, the clearer it becomes that this terrorist was well connected to a bigger Al Qaeda network.

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