Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wahhabis, Deobandis, Tablighi Jamaat and Orthodox Outfits have been Turning the Valley into a Bastion of Puritanical Islam

by Riyaz Wani

Columnist Riyaz Wani gives detail of how Wahhabis, Deobandis and Tablighi Jamaat are poisoning the young minds in Kashmir. He writes:
Wahhabis. Deobandis. Tablighi Jamaat. Orthodox outfits have been turning the Valley into a bastion of puritanical Islam. But the Sufis are fighting back to regain their moorings.
 A COLOURFUL procession stretched a mile long along the picturesque Dal Lake. A truck carrying preachers in green turbans was followed by thousands of faithfuls waving green flags. Some people were busy at makeshift kitchens on the roadside where tehri (turmeric-dyed rice), salt tea and kehwa were served to the devotees.

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