Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jihadist Shooter Merah Was No Lone Wolf

Jihadist Shooter Merah Was No Lone Wolf
Columnist  Jytte Klausen presents the background of the Merah incident and brings forward the details in following words:
Mohamed Merah was practically a prince in violent extremist circles.
Mohamed Merah, the Frenchman who assassinated three French paratroopers of North African background and then launched a terrible attack on a Jewish school—murdering a teacher, his two young sons and an 8-year-old girl—claimed to act for al Qaeda. Skeptics have dismissed the claim, saying al Qaeda barely functions anymore. But Merah was no "lone wolf" and did indeed bear the imprint of al Qaeda.
Young and alienated, Merah had served two years in a juvenile prison for robbery.
Was he rejected by French society because of his Algerian background? "He
snapped," say friends. After prison, he was completely cut off from reality, said his

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