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The Reality of Muslim Faith Lost In the Regionalism of Arabian Religion

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam
17 January 2020
It is true that all religions of the world have some regional base. Christianity is taken as Western, Buddhism as Far Eastern, Judaism from Middle East and Hinduism from South Asia and so on.
Islam which claims to be universal, ironically is not only concentrated in the region of peninsular Arabia but is camouflaged in “every” thing Arabian. This phenomenon has intensified many fold recently as the Arab oil wealth, augmented by religious income has facilitated the spread of its influence. The following is is given here as an example.
A remarkable young, brave, thoroughly self confident and undoubtedly an enlightened woman Rosie Gabrielle, the Canadian solo motor bike traveller, announced her conversion to Islam while adventuring through Pakistan, where the media is gloating over it.
She made the following statement:
“As humans we are afraid of what we do not understand. Let me be that voice and example for all of humanity, and bridging that gap to truly understand what Islam is and to live a peace filled connected life, and InshaAllah hearts will be softened and minds will be opened, for more peace, acceptance and understanding, to be a beacon for all, Ameen.”
Among other statements she also aptly described her understanding of her faith, that must have irked the religious brigade, but that is another story.
In the above, otherwise excellently intelligent statement, the italic InshaAllah draws ones attention to a regional language Arabic and focus is put on an 'Arabic Religion' commonly called Islam.
The Arabic word, generally translated as 'God willing”, is used by Muslims to indicate adherence to a Religion that is given to have been founded by an Arab Apostle of God; named Muhammad, fifteen hundred years ago in the present day Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its original scripture called Quran, obviously is written in classic Arabic language.
As a very young person, Rosie Gabrielle, though enlightened and highly sensitive individual to present day environment, is not expected to have learnt the details, text and context of the scripture Quran and yet the fact that she believed that she was “already technically” a Muslim even before her declaration of conversion, suggests that she had grasped the spirit of the faith Islam as being applicable to all of humanity, and without having to declare it.
The Unitarianism, of faith system Islam did not originate in Arabia. If anything, it could be said that it was enunciated somewhere in ancient eastern Mesopotamia by Noah (11-25,26) and propagated further by Abraham/Ibrahim; both non Arab Messengers of God.
Numerous other Apostles had followed them since, across the world, speaking their different languages, to pass the message of faith, as said in the scripture. Muhammad Rasullulah from Arabia was one of them. Thus the faith named Islam in Quran gives itself the universal status of for all of humanity.
It was not an accident that Messenger Muhammad was sent to the Arabs, as there was no messenger ever sent there to warn them previous to him, says Quran (32-3,34-44,36-6 and many more). This was in accordance with nature as God first sends a Messenger to warn all nations. The Messengers used their mother tongues to explain the message to their audience.
The Arabs of Arabia, being ancient traders and marketeers converted the universal Faith Islam to benefit them exclusively, after the Apostle Muhammad and his rightly guided Caliphs, into a regional Religion based exclusively at Makkah in Arabia, the Muslim Vatican city. Everything Arabic then fitted like glove.
As can be seen by the use of the Arabic word InshaAllah; the brainwash is complete to the extent that the enlightened woman having answered all questions relating to her faith perfectly correctly, expressed her desire to go for pilgrimage to the Arab region, perhaps to meet “peace filled” humanity!
The Arabs have on numerous occasions, and on and off, have barred many Muslims sects from visiting the holy religious place on political or other disagreement issues; let alone the rest of humanity. Although the Scripture says that all of humanity is supposed to obtain guidance from pilgrimage to such a place.
This is only possible because the planet earth and the rest of the universe is the creation of the Creator, and Easts and Wests belong to Him. But the Arabs have successfully monopolised a speck of dirt on earth in Arabia as an abode of God Allah exclusively for Muslims sects of their choice and choosing.
To cap the monopoly, even the Creed is Arabianised: Laailaaha-illallah Mohammadur Rasoollullah. It thus establishes the Personality cult of an Arab Messenger, contrary to the scripture!
There is no reference at all in the scripture Quran to indicate that the declaration of ones Belief in the strict unity of God(One and Only), is to be compromised by declaring in the one text that Apostle Muhammad is exclusively God's Messenger at the exclusion of all previous Messenger of God, contrary to the scripture's verse 2-4. This verse calls for Belief in all previous Messengers – named and not named, sent to every nation.
This contradiction is brazenly fluttered on the Arabian State's green flag. Additionally declaring that the Faith Islam is based on antiquated Arabian might of 'The Sword'. Yet one is led to believe that Islam, unlike many other religions, was spread 'peacefully'!?
Laailaaha-illallah-Muhammadur Rasoollullah thus seals the argument for the world that the religion is of Arab region and origin, as Muhammad was born there and was an Arab, speaking Arabic language and wrote the Quran in Arabic.
What other language could God have used for an Arab Apostle, asks Quran?
The young woman's use of InshaAllah is an innocent affirmation that she has converted to an Arabic religion, called Islam. The Arabic word Ameen also in her above statement again confirms the misconception that Arabic is an essential element of being a Believer. Although the word can also be Amen as uttered in Christian prayers.
This Arabian brainwashing has isolated the Muslim nation from the unity of the nationhood of humanity, contrary to what is the message of the scripture and that the Messenger had propagated. After facing many hardships he had succeeded to establish some unity in he region, albeit for a short period of time. The marketing and economic imperatives of the desert Arabs overshadowed the Faith's requirement of human unity. Insular religious industry has become the norm!
It can be seen from the young lady's statement above that she fully understood the important message of Islam, that of unity of mankind - “and to live a peace filled connected life”.
Regionalism deny us the luxury of connected life, and Religions as can be seen, divide Muslims, let alone the rest of humanity, This is condemned by the scripture Quran whence the Faith system Islam originates from ancient times and distant lands, long before Messenger Muhammad was born. Hence Islam is not a religion and certainly not an Arab one at that, let alone a regional religion to be monopolised by Arabs for Muslims to follow, to please and pay homage to its custodians.
How remarkable then that a young non Arab woman from the West should tell us what Islam is, however much she was misguided to Arabinise it – innocently, with couple of Arabic words; JazaakAllah?
A regular contributor to, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer

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