Friday, July 4, 2014

This is an instance of how the self-styled Jihadist scholars and radical zealots are beginning to deny the established Islamic doctrine of greater Jihad blaming the Sufis for preaching it as a campaign against the rampant murderous Jihadism. They have now started to totally deny it to the extent of declaring all the Prophetic traditions (Hadees) in its favour as Maudu (fabricated) or Daeef (technically weak). Not only this, they are also rejecting or misinterpreting the Qur’anic texts establishing the beautiful concept of jihad al-nafs, while the holy Qur’an has exhorted this spiritual Islamic Jihad against one's negative ego in various places. Some of them are as the following,-new-age-islam/jihadist-scholars-have-started-denying-the-established-islamic-doctrine-of-greater-jihad-%28jihad-al-nafs%29,-declaring-it-a-sufi-invented-campaign-against-jihadism/d/97882

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