Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bringing Down The Institution Of Hadees From Its Pedestal, Equal To Quran: No Matter How Revered, Hadees Is Not Divine Islamic Scripture, Any Blind Faith Is Unwarranted

By Sultan Shahin

1 July 2014

Note: I am shifting this debate from its present thread, as, it doesn't quite belong there and deserves a separate line of discussion.
Dear Naseer Saheb (Observer), I know you are on Ramazan leave and I don't really want to bother you, and understand, that you may not even see it. But since I notice Muhammad Yunus saheb not responding to your observations on the issue of hadith regarding the relative purity of a male child's urine over that of a female child, perhaps for fear of being maligned further,  (I myself have that fear, as do many others who have stopped engaging with you, knowing your frustrations and how they come out,) it seems it is my duty to set the record straight, or at least to put on record my own thoughts on the issue. 

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