Thursday, July 31, 2014

Role of Saudi Arabia, As Caliphs of Islam, In Promoting Islamic Extremism and Jihadism

By Nauman Sadiq
JULY 29, 2014
The Pakistani military establishment is rightfully blamed for creating the Taliban; but the phenomena of religious extremism and terrorism is not limited to Pakistan; this conflagration has engulfed the whole of Islamic world from Iraq and Syria to Algeria and Indonesia and even the Muslim minorities in China, Thailand and Philippines. Pakistani establishment does not have access to all these regions, thus, aside from local actors; some regional and global actors are also responsible for creating the menace of Islamic extremism and terrorism. A more holistic understanding of the problem will identify three actors responsible for creating this menace: Pakistani military establishment; Saudi and Gulf petro-monarchies and last but not the least, the Western support for the Afghan Jihad in the context of the Cold War.

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