Thursday, August 29, 2019

Slave Muslims and their Masters

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam
14 August 2019
Poverty and Ignorance of a People are essential ingredients to be enslaved by other rich and arrogant people. Consider this:
“The (Saudi) Prince believes that Pakistanis are the slaves of the Arabs...” … 'Saudis call Muslims who come from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, 'Hindu Muslims'.
The common denominator for the people of countries listed above, is being of lower education and coming from poor economic base; when compared to say the richness of the Saudis and other oil-rich Arab nations.
The arrogant nature of the rich is generally the result of lack of broad education and enlightenment too, that the Arabs display this as is shown by the statements of the so called 'prince' of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - the Khadim ul Haramain.
The significance of the kingdom's official title as custodians is not lost on the same poor ignorant religious SLAVES as they are shackled in the spirituality of the two shrines to which they flock by the millions every year contributing billions of dollars to that country's coffers; and which is expected to grow asymptotically over the years, – making a parody of verse 2-79 of Quran 'to traffic with it for huge (Kasiraa) gain, as shown in the following article published here some time back:
The above contribution is not the only significant aspect of the immense wealth generated there by others for the Saudis.
Most importantly too is the contribution made to Saudi economy by the so called Hindu Muslims SLAVES, instead of Hindi Muslims, as the prince calls them, by the millions who provide cheap labour and even expertise to build the super structures and mega centres in the country. What is more at the criminal expense of destruction of historic heritage sites, important to Muslim history that the Quran encourages to preserve to learn the history of bygone people. All this destruction to accommodate the spiritually bound devotees to visit there for the ritual of hajj
It must also be appreciated that it is below the arrogant master-race Arabs to work at these back breaking jobs, let alone at the pittance that is paid to all the foreign slaves as wages, with which they are barely able to support their families back home.
All this development in readiness of course, for when the oil runs out as it must, or as its demand is going to be adversely effected by mankind's quest for alternative and sustainable sources of energy to combat climate change that the Arab chemical industries hugely add to.
On top of that, it is not the Arab capital, generated by their talent that is employed to further their economic development, but by the God given natural resource for mankind which in turn their foreign masters have developed for them, of course at huge benefits to themselves also.
The prince nor his ancestors went down the shafts drilled by the Americans and the British companies, to change the chemistry of the earth to create pools of oil under the desert. The Arabs have no any talent or expertise to undertake such menial tasks. They are totally dependent on imported labour and talent for every thing, except for being cunning and arrogance.
The Arab wealth is therefore not only accumulated on the back of ignorant spirituality but sweat and labour of the poor and ignorant Muslim world from most of the third world countries, which ironically are not all poor in natural resources and talent but are poverty stricken because of the greed and callus selfishness that is the hallmark of their shameless leaders who siphon off their counties' wealth to foreign tax free and safe havens.
The Muslim world in particular faces a multi layered drawbacks of which the Saudis take advantage of their foreign slaves; that is, idolatry, ignorance and poverty! But then many would say, and who dare deny it, that all this is the gift of the Idols that Muslims go there to venerate.
Have the Arabs learnt the tricks from other religions of the past or have the others learnt from the Arabs? Never the less credit must be given where credit is due. For, it is after all some sort of talent, cunning or not, brought in use which the Arabs are good at.
In the interaction between two peoples, for one to successfully exploit or dupe the other, it is obvious who is cunningly clever and who is naive and stupid. If it is required to then apportion a blame as to who is responsible for the state of affair; considering a level playing field of course, it must be concluded that the later of the two is to be blamed for their naivety to be so taken advantage of by the other.
But in third world countries and mainly so in Muslim countries the playing field has never been level. The combination of Pharaoh's power, Korah's capital and Haman's religious cunning is a formidable triumvirate for even God's Messengers, let alone the poor slaves to overcome.
The tools of the trade – power, capital and religion are in the hands of the elite of the human society, with which they subjugate the poor, by denying them the means of acquiring knowledge and hence enlightenment and so easily to enslave them.
This is the case with Muslims world. The Saudi prince is the embodiment of that arrogance that comes with being punch drunk with the possession and combination of all three tools in one tool bag, unlike that of the Pharaoh of Moses times and the people rudderless to bring about any change.
The prince is right in saying that … “they will continue to remain a slave of Saudi Arabia for ever”. The brat knows his scripture since he is a product of the kingdoms madrasa called University.
the Creator having offloaded the responsibility for change squarely on the shoulders of His creation the mankind, has washed His hands of any responsibility for change and so the future Arab king knows that and hence his arrogance:
13-11: Indeed never will God change the condition of people until they change it themselves...” says the Good book and the prince knows that.
Knowing this, the designated crown prince is in no hurry to make a change in his own situation, and why should he?
The slavish non-Arab Muslims are so engrossed in aping their masters that they in addition to other modes of Arabs, even grow beards to look them, which the prince scoffs at and said “...they grow beards to look like us, but they look like they have come straight from the forest”. Was he being polite as not to have said 'jungle' that the slaves look like 'apes'? Thanks for that politeness MBS!
And Welcome back all Hindu Muslim Hajjis from your beloved Arab Master Prince's land.
A regular contributor to, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer

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