Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sultan Shahin battling Petrodollar Islam, says Mohammad Wajihuddin of Times News Network

Sultan Shahin

Mr. Mohammad Wajihuddin of Times News Network quotes Sultan Shahin, the Editor of liberal Islamic website New Age Islam as saying that he is battling Petrodollar Islam. In a write-up on the anti-fundamentalist website, he says: Virtual warrior Sultan Shahin takes on Muslim fundamentalists through his website

He describes his titanic struggle against the fundamentalists of all hues and Islam-supremacists in the following words: “Son of a maulvi, Shahin grew up in a village in the backwaters of Aurangabad in Bihar, and remembers the many nights, he, along with his five siblings, went to bed hungry as his father fell ill and later died, leaving the responsibility of supporting the family on Shahin’s young shoulders. While studying in a college in Patna, he worked part-time for a couple of local Urdu dailies. Shahin later landed up in London as editor of Asia Times, a weekly owned by one Arif Ali of Indian origin. A decade or so in England, he says, gave him great experience “as it exposed me to different strains of Islam and Muslims”. Like, once at a friend’s house in Nottingham, he heard a 20-year-old Muslim extolling the virtues of Ahle Hadees, a sect which propagates puritanical Islam. Shahin asked the boy the treatment he would prescribe for those Muslims who didn’t follow the Ahle Hadees sect. “Kill them,” said the young fanatic in a cold-blooded tone. “It really disturbed me. The boy had apparently been influenced by radical organisations like Al Mohajirun and Hizb-ut-Tehrir. Thousands of young Muslims had been brainwashed by incendiary preacher Omar Bakri who commanded the following that saints do,” recalls Shahin. “I knew it would not take long before the fires of fanatic Islam reached the Indian subcontinent and consumed our youth.” ... Read More

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