Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kashmiriyat vs Islamic Fanaticism: Pakistan’s greatest disservice to Kashmir

Delivering a speech in a seminar organised by Inter-Faith International on “Self-determination issues in South Asia at Geneva during UNHRC’s June 2010 Session Mr Sultan Shahin, Editor, said that in his view the greatest disservice Pakistan has sought o do to Kashmir is damaging the distinguishing feature of Kashmir that made every Kashmiri proud, its Kashmiriyat. The state of Jammu and Kashmir had a deeply composite culture, shaped by its mystics, the Sufis and the Rishis. These Sufis had enormous influence on the minds of the people of all religions and were revered and followed by all.

Giving the example of the mystical verses of Hazrat Nuruddin Nurani, for instance, which have had great influence in shaping the Kashmiri literature as much as the general mindset of common Kashmiris, Mr. Sultan Sahhin said: “The people of Kashmir have suffered immensely since the Pakistani invasion of their land soon after Partition in 1947. India took the matter to the UN Security Council to persuade Pakistan to stop aggression and make arrangements for returning the territory it had occupied. Security Council asked Pakistan to withdraw its forces from Occupied Kashmir within 90 days. But Pakistan has failed to do so till date. The Security Council too failed to get Pakistani aggression vacated.”

Full Text of the UNHRC speech is available at:

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