Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Radical, Political Islam May be Challenged More Effectively through Mainstream Islam, says New Age Islam editor, Sultan Shahin

Mr Sultan Shahin Editor,, addressing UN Human Rights Council’s Fourteenth Session on 15th June 2011 for International Club for Peace Research (ICPR) on Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action contrasted the role of mainstream and Wahhabi version of Islam in the matter of promoting peace. In his view Arab imperialists, who had been inveterate enemies of Islam and had accepted Islam only when they had no other option and perhaps with a view to subverting Islam from within, took over Islam not long after the Prophet’s death and succeeded in their anti-Islam goal.

Elaborating this theme, he said :“Not long after Prophet Mohammad’s death, Arab imperialists who were inveterate enemies of Islam’s ideology of human equality and respect for all religions practically hijacked Islam and created a hereditary monarchical system in the name of Khilafat that immediately embarked on a project of imperialist expansion. Then, in order to justify the misuse of Islam to run an unIslamic system of imperialist expansion based on Islam-supremacism, they undermined the only scripture the Prophet had left behind, the Quran, and created a parallel scripture called Hadith (Sayings of the Prophet). Compiled two to three centuries after the death of the Prophet, these sayings were attributed to the prophet and were advertised as marvels of research in which meticulous care had been taken to find out the route through which the saying had travelled for two to three centuries before being written down.”

Explaining the role of Hadees in the subversion of Islam from its original purity and broadmindedness to a desiccated, dry version, shorn of all compassion and God’s promise of mercy, he further said: “A mere glance at some of these sayings recorded in what are considered the most authentic compilations, the voluminous Bukhari and Muslim, shows that some of these sayings had been concocted to suit the imperialist tendencies and even the lecherous nature of the monarch-khalifas. But nevertheless, through massive and constant propaganda Hadith was made to occupy the same space in the minds of average Muslims as the Quran, if not more so.

On the role and the current phenomenon of spreading Ahl-e-Hadeesism with the help of massive injection of petrodollars, he elaborated: “It is no accident that the most influential ideological group among the radical Jihadis calls itself Ahle-Hadees (People of Hadith), people who believe in the Hadith probably even as superior to the Quran. These monarchs also created another very powerful institution to enslave Muslims and control them: the clergy. Mullahdom or any kind of priesthood was not part of Islam when the Prophet made his transition to the other world, saying he was satisfied that he had completed Islam. But the hijacked and subverted Islam that we have inherited through centuries made sure that Muslims largely do not consult the Quran for guidance on ideological issues.”

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