Saturday, May 23, 2015

Now Direct Attack on Islam


By Shakil Hasan Shamsi (Translated from Urdu by New Age Islam Edit Desk)
22 May, 2015
For the last fourteen hundred years the world has been harping on the fact that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. For the lastr fourteen hundred years the Quran has been reiterating that it has been revealed to establish peace and brotherhood in the world.  The scripture that says La tufsidu fil arz (do not spread bloodshed on earth) has been shouting that the murder of one innocent person is the murder of the entire humanity In the human history, it is the Quran that separated the oppressors from the general humanity and condemned them. Fourteen hundred years ago when a voice was raised from a nondescript house of Bani Hashim in Makkah that said, “Say that no one deserves worship except God and get salvation” the person who raised this voice did  not have a sword in hand but the courage to suffer wounds. Fourteen years ago when the holy prophet pbuh was forced to migrate from Makkah, he did not have a sword in his hand even then. The persons chasing the prophet pbuh were armed but the prophet pbuh and his companion were unarmed. God had arranged cobweb and a nest of a bird. No armed youth were appointed there to protect him.l
The people of Madinah had gathered in great numbers to greet the messenger of peace. The socalled followers of the same prophet pbuh who spread the message of sacrifice, love and tolerance have emerged with their flag who are saying that Islam had never been a religion of peace. These groups say that Islam has always been a religion of war and bloodshed. The leader of this group Al Baghdadi whose death news had been circulated among the media has issued a video purportedly saying that Muslims from all over the world should join his so called khilafat or if that is not possible, should wage a war against their opponents in their places and countries. This statement of Al Baghdadi is being used against Islam by the Western nations.  On many news channels in the west, Islam is being made the target. Fingers are being pointed at the message of the holy prophet pbuh who came in the world as a blessing for the mankind. The same people who had drawn the cartoon of the holy prophet pbuh with a sword in one hand and the Quran in the other are using the statement of Al Baghdadi against Islam.
We are all aware of the fact that Al Baghdadi first killed Muslims on sectarian lines, then slaughtered the Christians of Iraq and then killed the Yazidis and Sunnis of Kurdistan. His actions had proved that he was an enemy of Muslims. Now he has also proved that he is also an enemy of Islam. By declaring Islam to be a religion of war and bloodshed, he is attacking the mission of the holy prophet pbuh and inviting Muslim youth towards Hell in the name of jihad. The brutality and ruthlessness his group has demonstrated in slaughtering human beings makes one feel that to him bloodshed and slaughtering of human beings is real Islam. Therefore, the time has come for all the Muslims irrespective of caste and sect to stand up against these marauders and thwart their propaganda of those attacking Islam otherwise we would not be able to show our face to our posterity. They will ask, “Why did you remain silent when the beautiful religion of the holy prophet pbuh was distorted by the terrorists?’
Source: Urdu daily Inquilab, May 20, 2015

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