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Prophet Mohammad Belongs To All: Miladun Nabi An Occasion To Remember The Prophet Dispatched As Grace To All Humanity

By Grace Mubashir, New Age Islam 28 September 2023 There is no other person in the history of mankind who has had such an influence as Prophet Muhammad. That is why when the world-famous Michael H. Hurt made a list of the 100 most influential people in world history, he gave the first place to Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet is not a legendary man. Not a myth. One hundred percent was a holy man who lived in the light of history. There is a prophet's example in every aspect of life. When the Prophet's wife Aisha (RA) was asked about the Prophet's life, Aisha (RA) replied that the Prophet's life is the Qur'an. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the epitome of the life envisioned by the Holy Qur'an. He wasn't just a preacher. What was preached was a pious personality that was emulated in his life. He has proved through his own life that they are practical and eternally relevant. Prophet was a family hero who was a treasure of love at home. He was a good husband. He was a loving father and grandfather to his children and grandchildren. The Prophet who led the prayer in the mosque was a righteous judge and a good ruler. The Prophet became an example for people in all fields. The Prophet did not live in a Muslim-only society. When the Prophet was freed from the persecution of Makkah and went to Madina, he became the leader of all the sects in Madina. The covenant made by the Prophet with the community consisting of Jews and Christians is a model for people like India where different religions and communities live together. The Prophet did not see others as enemies. The Prophet (PBUH) served in friendship and love with all religions and sects who did not engage in war with the Muslims. Milad procession welcomed at a Hindu house ------ History records that when the Prophet (PBUH) died, the Prophet's sword was mortgaged to a Jew. The Prophet (PBUH) even gave the Christians of Najran an opportunity to pray as his guests in the mosque of Madina. When the body of a Jew was being taken away, the Prophet (PBUH) stood up and someone woke him up saying that it was the corpse of a Jew. The Prophet (PBUH) asked back, 'Why is a Jew not a human being?' When Makka was conquered, the triumphant Prophet forgave even his bitter enemies who had persecuted him severely and driven him out of the country. Among them were Vahsi, who killed his cousin, who protected him from his enemies, and Hind, who chewed his dead cousin's liver. There was a woman who used to sprinkle dirt on the Prophet's head when he was walking. when she didn't appear, prophet visited her house. The Prophet was an epitome of mercy unmatched in history. That mercy was not limited to humans. The Prophet showed mercy even to animals. Seeing a starving camel, the Prophet reprimanded him for starving it. The Prophet did not allow trees to be destroyed even during war. The Prophet advised not to attack women and children and not to harm those engaged in prayer, even in cases of war. The Prophet commanded that no one should attack those places of worship or harm those who were engrossed in prayer, even in war. Ayyapa devotees given Milad sweets ------ It was that culture of tolerance cultivated by the Prophet and his Companions that created people like Amru ibn al-Aas, who volunteered to give his nose to the governor when the nose of the statue in the Christian temple was broken by the hands of an Egyptian soldier after his death. When some people tried to harm a native Arab who had urinated in the Prophet's mosque, the Prophet stopped him. Where else can you see such generosity and philanthropy? Where else in history can we find a lover of letters who was released on the condition that he teach letters to his enemies captured as prisoners of war? Not only the public life but also the personal life was transparent like a glass jar. Every point of that life burns in the light of history. Every movement in that life has a recorded history. The position of the Prophet in history is that there is no such recorded history of a religious prophet, great soul or holy soul in the world. Not once did he consider himself to be superior or superior to his fellows in any way or place himself in such a position. If he had done so, it would not have been inappropriate at all. Because who is better than the Prophet? The Prophet's body is the recipient of divine revelation. But the Prophet was always humble. He lived with his followers as one of them. He sat, walked, ate and dressed like them. Did not set itself apart in any way. Strangers coming out had to ask who the Prophet was. Standing up to honour him was forcefully forbidden. When someone said that he was better than Prophet Musa, he forbade them to say so. When someone said that 'if Allah and Muhammad willed', he was forbidden to say so. Prophet feared that his personality would be targeted. He taught that true relationship and love should be with Allah. The Qur'an says: 'Muhammad is nothing but a messenger of God. Many prophets have passed before him. If he dies or is killed, will you turn back?' (Quran 3:144). We should see everything in the light of the Prophet's character, personality, and moral greatness. It is from that life that all who move in the way of preaching and movement must light their lamps. None of us can even dream of attaining the position of the Prophet. Because Allah appointed the Prophet to be the perfect example of the best teaching and movement the world has ever seen. Therefore, the more our character, mind and practical life are illuminated by this light, the closer we will be to the Prophet, the more God will love us, forgive our weaknesses and mistakes, and be blessed in both worlds. Allah says: 'Tell the Prophets to the people, follow me if you truly love Allah. May Allah love you. And He will forgive your sins. He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful (Qur'an 3:31). Today on the occasion of Milad Nabi (Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary) let us try to delve into the injunctions and directives the Holy Qur’an has laid as regards to the various aspects of religious tolerance. And the practical examples we can find in the life of Prophet Muhammad. Hindu devotees offering to children at Milad procession ----- Islam preaches total social harmony which includes religious harmony. Islam provides an excellent and practical model of plural society and this model was practically implemented by Prophet Muhammad and the whole world has seen its fruits. The message and life of Prophet Muhammad possesses extensive resources that favour modern concepts of democracy, human rights and religious pluralism. For instance, The Holy Qur’an epitomises religious tolerance in a nutshell “There is no compulsion in religion” Holy Qur’an (2:256). This verse in the Qur’an constitutes a charter of freedom of conscience unparalleled in the religious annals of mankind. The Qur’an further says: “If it had been thy Lord’s wish, everyone in the world would have believed; will you then compel people, against their will, to believe” Holy Qur’an (10:99). It is unfortunate that the recent tragedies throughout the world have been linked to Muslim extremists and also to religious intolerance. These extremists claim they are inspired and infused with Islamic tenets. In fact, radical groups say they want to establish a new caliphate, and an Islamic state. But the matter of fact is that these group’s ideology and their extreme behaviour and doctrines are not in alignment with any of Islam’s tenets, scriptures, or even remotely connected to Prophet Muhammad’s life. What the pertinent question is how this community sees birthday of the Prophet? is it not wrong to say that the current state of Ummah is to forget it's on mission and confirm the Prophet’s memory to rituals and celebrations? The Holy Qur'an describes the Holy Prophet as a blessing to the entire human society, he was placed at the height of history with the simplicity, purity and innocence of his life. In the moments of joyful feeling that the birthday of that worldly blessing gives thanks for this immense blessing of Allah, Sallallahu ala Muhammad… Interfaith Milad Nabi Programmes In Kerala As part of preaching the messages of prophet to non-Muslims, Muslims try to engage with them as much as possible. It includes special small gatherings, informal dining sessions and community-oriented festivals. It helps all to come out of the shroud regarding Prophet and see the light clearly. Below are some images from last year’s Milad festival in Kerala where Hindu community actively engaged. ----- A regular columnist for, Mubashir V.P is a PhD scholar in Islamic Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia and freelance journalist. URL: New Age Islam, Islam Online, Islamic Website, African Muslim News, Arab World News, South Asia News, Indian Muslim News, World Muslim News, Women in Islam, Islamic Feminism, Arab Women, Women In Arab, Islamophobia in America, Muslim Women in West, Islam Women and Feminism

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