Friday, December 9, 2022

Unpardonable Silence of Ulema as Bomb blasts and Suicide Bombings continue to torment Islamic Countries, trashing the image of Islam and Muslims

Suicide Bombings In Indonesia And Afghanistan Have Killed Numerous People In The Last 10 Days Alone, Though It Is A Continual Process. Some Kinds Of Attacks Keep Happening All The Time. Islamist Terrorists Do Not Even Spare Worshippers In Mosques Or Students In Madrasas Or Schools. Main Points: 1. A suicide bomber blew himself up in a police station in Indonesia's Java killing a police officer. 2. A bomb exploded in Mazar Sharif in Afghanistan killing 7 people. 3. On December 2, 19 students were killed in an explosion in a madrasa in Afghanistan. 4. In August, 20 peple died in an explosion in a madrasa in Afghanistan. 5. In September, 18 people including a cleric were killed in a bomb explosion in Afghanistan. ----- By New Age Islam Staff Writer 9 December 2022 Dr Tahirul Qadri Declares Suicide Bombing Totally Haram And Un -Islamic, Dr Zakir Naik Considers It Partly Permissible - Permissible In Special Circumstances. ------ Recently leading Ulema of India and Indonesia had met in New Delhi and discussed ways to fight extremism and terrorism in the Muslim society. The outcome of the meeting was not known. The resolution taken up in the meeting was also not known. It seems that it was a formal get together of Ulema in which sweet nothings were whispered and exchanged with one another. Much was read into the meeting by the Urdu media and Urdu journalists and columnists. But that the situation has remained as grim as ever is evident from the fact that a suicide bomber blew himself up at a police station in Java in Indonesia killing one police officer and injuring several others on 7 December. The previous day, on 6 December, a bomb planted on a roadside, targetting the bus carrying the employees of an oil company exploded killing seven people. On 3 December, a terrorist hurled a grenade on a mosque when people had assembled to offer prayers. One person was killed and 20 people were injured in the attack. The attack is said to be the fallout of tensions between tribals. On December, 19 people including students were killed in an explosion in a madrasa in Aibak district in Afghanistan. 23 persons have been injured. On 28 November, 4 people killed in a bomb explosion in a hotel near the Presidential palace in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. Finance Minister of Somalia had a miraculous escape. Bomb Blast: Huge blast in madrasa.. 16 people killed.. 24 people injured | 16 people were killed in a huge explosion in a madrasa in Afghanistan Telugu News --- All these incidents show that suicide bombings and bomb explosions have become commonplace incidents in Islamic countries. Most of the terrorist attacks go unclaimed because the terrorists know that their act is un-Islamic and inhuman. Still no voice is raised condemning the attacks. The Islamic scholars and muftis don't even issue fatwas against such attacks. In Yemen, a mosque was attacked only because of tribal confrontation. It seems that sectarian differences were at the root of the attack. These are some of the attacks that have taken place only in the last ten days. The Ulema of India and Indonesia had discussed ways to fight terrorism and extremism without any framework before them. Those attacking mosques and madrasas in Yemen and Afghanistan are Muslims. Children are killed in attacks in madrasas. But no statement of denouncement was heard from collective Muslim religious leadership. In Afghanistan, schools and madrasas of Hazara Shias have been attacked in the past. Shias and Ahmadiyas have been declared Kafir by many Sunni Ulema and even their slaughter has been declared permissible. The attacks on mosques and madrasas are carried out due to sectarian confrontation and the fatwas of Kufr issued by Ulema are behind such attacks. This is the reason Ulema remain silent when a mosque and madrasa is attacked and Muslims including children are killed. Some years ago, after Shia children had been killed after an attack on a school van of Shias by the Taliban in Pakistan, a Taliban leader had said that snakelings will only grow up to be snakes. To the Taliban, Shias are snakes and their children snakelings whose heads deserve to be crushed ruthlessly. ISIS enjoyed the overt and covert support of a section of Sunni Ulema as the enemy of Shias and even a globally acclaimed Sunni scholar like Qaradawi supported it openly during 2014 . Global Muslim muftis and Ulema have failed to come together on religious extremism and terrorism because their views are different on this issue. While Dr Tahirul Qadri declares suicide bombing totally haram and un -Islamic, Dr Zakir Naik considers it partly permissible - permissible in special circumstances. Now, the ISIS and other terrorist organisations like the LTTE could have said they carry out suicide bombings in special circumstances. The TTP may also say so. The silence of Ulema on suicide bombings and bombings in mosques, madrasas, market places and police stations, therefore, betrays their ideological dilemma. If they declare these incidents of violence haram, they will negate the fatwas and opinions of their own or of their teachers. They also fear angry reactions from their fellow sectarian Ulema if they make any out of the box statement on the issue. Maulana Salman Nadwi was called ' Kutta ' (dog) and ' Ganda Nutfa ' (man of illegitimate paternity) some time back by a junior Aalim for expressing his views on Gadeer Khumm. (The Ghadīr Khumm (Arabic: غَدِير خُم) refers to a gathering of Muslims to attend a sermon delivered by Prophet Muhammad on 16 March 632 CE (18 Dhu al-Hijjah 10 AH) in which, according to Shia belief, he is supposed to have anointed his cousin and son-in-law Hazrat Ali as his successor) Sectarian and extremist ideology is at the root of much of the violence and bloodshed taking place in Muslim societies today. It is an irony that children in madrasas are killed by Muslims and mosques are attacked due merely to tribal ( sectarian) differences and the entire Muslim leadership remains dead silent. This section comes out of hibernation when a non- Muslim makes a blasphemous remark against the prophet pbuh or the Quran, though the Quran asks them to ignore such things. They issue statements of condemnation and even provoke Muslims to act against the 'enemy of Islam'. But they remain silent when Muslim children are killed by Muslims on sectarian grounds though the Quran declares such terrorists and extremists Mufsideen (mischief makers) and asks Muslims to fight them and punish them. The suicide bombings and bomb explosions in mosques, madrasas, churches, hospitals and religious processions will, unfortunately, continue in the time to come because our Ulema have been caught in their own web of extremist ideology. They cannot take a united stand against terrorism because of the ideological and sectarian baggage they carry on their back. They will, however, continue to meet in New Delhi or Jakarta to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of one another to serve the political interests of their masters. 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