Sunday, December 25, 2022

Finally Women's Education Is Totally Banned In Afghanistan By Taliban

After Banning University Education, Taliban Bans Primary Education For Girls Main Points: 1. Girls cannot go to primary schools. 2. Girls cannot receive higher education in Afghanistan. 3. Women can not go to mosques and seminaries. 4. Taliban says some subjects taught in schools violate Islamic principles. 5. Women can not teach in Schools and colleges. ---- By New Age Islam Staff Writer 24 December 2022 Taliban Think Physiology, Anatomy And Allied Science Subjects Violate Islamic Principles As They Deal With Body Parts And Sexual Reproduction ---- Afghan students queue at one of Kabul University's gates in Kabul. Women are banned from private and public universities in Afghanistan with immediate effect and until further notice, a Taliban government spokesman said. ----- Finally the Taliban took the veil off its face. It had banned secondary education for girls, only allowing girls to attend schools till sixth grade. But on December 20, it announced that girls would not be allowed to attend Universities and colleges. And only the next day, it announced that primary education for girls has also been banned. The entire women's community of Afghanistan is shocked. How can a self proclaimed Islamic government ban female education totally? Since it came to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, Taliban had been behaving in a confused way on female education. After coming to power, it had suspended education for both boys and girls and had argued that they needed time to reformulate the curriculum and take a decision on girls ' uniform. They said the schools would reopen from March 2022. However, they had said that only women would be allowed to teach to girls' classes. The universities were allowed to run co-ed classes but were needed to segregate boys and girls. However, in September 2021, they said only boys' schools will reopen. This disappointed girls. In January 2022, Taliban Minister for Culture and Information announced that all schools would open in March 2022. This indicated that girls' schools would also open. In the same month, the Taliban said that it was not opposed to female education and that they could go to schools once a safe environment for them is created. On March 23, 2022, all the schools opened and girls attended schools along with boys. But the same day, the Taliban took a U-turn and announced that girls' schools would not open. Afghan female university students, stopped by Taliban security personnel, stand next to a university in Kabul, Dec. 21, 2022. ----- Both female teachers and girls had already gone to schools when the announcement came. Now, in December 20 and 21, 2022, the Taliban finally shook off its confusion and decided that girls will not be allowed to receive at all, irrespective of grade and age. Many girls have been disappointed at this decision of the government and many have gone into depression. On 22 December, more than 50 women and girls staged a peaceful protest against the total ban on female education in Kabul but the Taliban used violence to disperse protesters. They also arrested some women and took them away. The global community has strongly criticised Taliban 's stand against female education. But the Taliban said that the ban was imposed to prevent gender mixing in schools. It also said that some subjects that are taught in schools violate the principles of Islam. It also said that girls going to schools and returning from there were not wearing Hijab properly. They were attending schools in clothes worn in weddings. All this points towards the confusion Taliban has over female education and education in general. They think physiology, Anatomy and allied science subjects violate Islamic principles as they deal with body parts and sexual reproduction. They also think that the Theory of Evolution is also in violation of the Quran. They also think that Astronomy also teaches many things not mentioned in the Quran. They have banned women from studying medicine and engineering among other subjects but at the same time they would not allow male doctors to treat and do surgery on women patients. Because of the ban on women's education, women doctors will become extinct and women patients will face a severe medical crisis. In hospitals, female doctors, nurses and other staff are needed to deal with women patients particularly to treat women's diseases and for delivery. In the absence of female doctors and nurses, women will have to suffer. This is going to turn into a humanitarian crisis in future. The Taliban may have to revise its decision in future throwing the country in the midst of an educational uncertainty. The Taliban has also barred women visiting mosques and seminaries. This also violates their religious rites Shariah has guaranteed to them. Islam does not prevent women from praying in mosques. Shia Muslim women visit Mazars. This ruling will violate their religious rights. The women have already been barred from working in the media. Many women journalists, anchors and reporters have had to leave under pressure from Taliban. Many female fashion designers had to shut their boutique and leave Afghanistan. Many women activists have left Afghanistan and sought asylum in European countries. Millions of common Afghanistan have migrated to European countries. The country is reeling under a severe food crisis and can't pay salaries to government employees on time. It had also asked its female employees to name their relatives as replacements because they would no longer be allowed to work. This will only wield a blow to the efficiency of government as a relative may not have the qualification or professional expertise required for the job the woman is doing. Because of the retrograde policies of the Taliban, not only the females but the entire Afghan society is suffering. Removing women from public life and from the knowledge sector will take Afghanistan decades back and will have serious ill effects on the mental health and behaviour of Afghan women. Ironically, the Islamic circles of India, Pakistan and other Islamic countries have not come out openly against the Taliban's education ban for girls obviously because they follow the same ideology. They opposed girls' education and the schools and colleges that were established after Independence were established not by Islamic scholars but by 'Bedeen Muslims '. And now the daughters of Ulema study 'Anatomy ' and Physiology. They don't object to their education but when the Taliban, their ideological colleagues ban female education in Afghanistan, they remain silent because to them they are 'freedom fighters' and revivers of the caliphate. This is hypocrisy at its worst. URL: New Age Islam, Islam Online, Islamic Website, African Muslim News, Arab World News, South Asia News, Indian Muslim News, World Muslim News, Women in Islam, Islamic Feminism, Arab Women, Women In Arab, Islamophobia in America, Muslim Women in West, Islam Women and Feminism

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