Monday, August 22, 2022

ISIS Terrorist Attack in India Thwarted By Russian Intelligence Agency

IS Terrorist Was Held By Russian Intelligence Agencies Main Points: 1. The ISIS man belongs to a Central Asian Country. 2. He was recruited by a ringleader of the ISIS.and sent to Russia. 3. He had a meeting with an IS representative in Istanbul, Turkey before leaving for Russia. 4. He was entrusted with the task of blowing up a top BJP leader of India. ---- By New Age Islam Staff Writer 22 August 2022 Representative Image ---- For the last few years, and particularly for the last few months, the terrorist organisations, the ISIS and the Al Qaida have focussed on India after being routed from Iraq and Syria. They have established their imaginary provinces in India's Kashmir and in Afghanistan. To gain a foothold in India, they have already started their publication and have tried to exploit and capitalise on domestic issues of India concerning Muslims. The hijab controversy had given the Al Qaida the opportunity to gain the support of Muslims but it failed. However, the terrorist organisations have not taken their eyes off India and have been trying to make inroads into Indian Muslim community. The arrest of an ISIS suicide bomber in Russia by the Russian intelligence agency FSB shows that the dreaded terrorist organisation had nefarious plans to cause bloodshed and mayhem in India. According to the FSB, he had been entrusted with the task of blowing up a top BJP leader of India. The IS mercenary had been recruited by a ring leader of the outfit and indoctrinated via Telegram messenger and personally in a meeting with a representative of the terrorist outfit in Istanbul, Turkey. After that he had been sent to Russia from where he was supposed to arrive in India. But before he could leave, Russia, he,was arrested. According to the FSB, the IS terrorist belongs to a central Asian country. The name of the terrorist and his country has not been revealed by Russia as investigations are underway. But this is the first time a plan of a terrorist attack by the ISIS in India has come to light. This should not be seen only from a religious point of view but from a political and diplomatic point of view as well. First, it has to be analysed who the target of the ISIS may be. Nupur Sharma may be the target because of her blasphemous remark against the prophet of Islam and the ISIS may consider it an appropriate issue to gain sympathy of the Muslims. But seeing it from a broader angle, the ISIS is desperate to spread its base in South Asia after the Taliban declared it a 'corrupt' sect. To prove that it is a true representative of Islam, it has to espouse a 'holy' cause. Secondly, the Taliban are trying to dislodge them from Afghanistan as they are causing them embarrassment in the international arena by targeting Sikhs and Shias in Afghanistan. In retaliation, they killed two clerics in the last two weeks in attacks on a mosque and a madrasa. The Taliban had earlier claimed that a member of Pakistan's ISI was arrested from among thd ISIS in Afghanistan. Since, the relations between Taliban and Pakistan have soured, Pakistan may use IS to destabilise Taliban. We may recall that General Musharraf had acknowledged that he had provided support, training and logistics to the terrorists involved in Mumbai terror attacks. Recently, the Indian intelligence agencies had received threats of a terror attack of the magnitude of Mumbai attacks. All this hints at a bigger plan which at the moment seems to be thwarted by the Russian intelligence agencies for which India should be grateful to its long standing strategic partner. After the decimation of Al Qaida's number two leader, Al Zawahiri, the outfit may try to prove that it may be down but not out and may carry out some deadly attacks. Therefore, the terrorist attack by an Al Qaida affiliate Al Shabab on a high profile hotel in Mogadishu in 19 August killing 40 people may not be a matter of surprise for political analysts. The two terrorist outfits, therefore, are desperately trying to regain their lost ground. That the arrested ISIS terrorist had got the training in Istanbul, Turkey is a matter of concern for India. India should raise the issue with Turkey. It should be recalled that during the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Turkey had got involved and sent 4000 ISIS mercenaries to fight on behalf of Azerbaijan. Therefore, it is clear that Turkey has been providing shelter and political support to the ISIS. Any terrorist attack by the ISIS in India will not be good either for the country or for the Muslims of India. The killing of the Hindu tailor for allegedly supporting blasphemy has already rendered the atmosphere very volatile. Mob lynching and communal clashes are being reported from different parts of the country. Any terrorist attack in India by foreign terrorists will bring the Muslim community of India under suspicion of the security agencies and innocent youth will bear the brunt. Already about a dozen Muslim youth including two imams of Assam have been arrested on charges of having links with Al Qaida. The ISIS, Al Qaida, Al Shabab and other terrorist organisations are the enemies of the Muslims. They have destroyed the bigger part of Iraq and Syria. Millions of Muslims have been internally and externally displaced. Millions of Muslims had to migrate to European countries because of the sectarian violence there. The ISIS have attacked maternity homes in Afghanistan and killed women and new born babies. They have attacked schools. Mosques and madrasas and killed Muslims while praying in mosques. They cannot be a well-wisher of Muslims or a follower of the prophet. The bloodshed they cause is only for the political interests of their masters. Indian Muslims are a strong community that has resolved its issues democratically and peacefully. It does not need the support of fugitives and terrorists. The Muslims have made unforgettable sacrifices for the country and their loyalty to the country does not need any vindication or certificate. Even after the Independence, Muslims have rendered valuable services to the country. Recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of the Muslims in helping their Hindu brethren was exemplary. All this cannot be denied or ignored. Therefore, any attempt at causing anarchy or bloodshed in India and maligning the Indian Muslims by any terrorist outfit from a foreign land will never succeed. 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