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Muslim Obsession with Jewish Conspiracy

By Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef, New Age Islam 4 January 2022 Imams On The Pulpit Of The Mosque, Teachers In The Madrasas And Muslim Political Leader Lambastes, Condemns, And Blames Poor Jews For Every Miss Happening In Muslim Countries Main Points: 1. In the United States there are so many interfaith groups wherein Muslims and Jews are participants alike and work together for common interests. 2. Zionism is only a plate form to betterment and work for the benefit of the Jewish community, 3. Zionism is not necessarily against Islam or any other religion and religious community or faith group. ---- Anti-Semitic sign held by a protester at the Columbus, Ohio anti-lockdown demonstration. April 18, 2020Credit: Twitter/@RepWeinstein ----- Since 35 Years past, I have been fed up with the ongoing propaganda about Jewish conspiracies against Islam and Muslims. To my astonishment, I never met any direct sign of any conspiracy. Every imam on the pulpit of the mosque, every teacher in the madrasa, and every Muslim political leader lambastes, condemns, and blames poor Jews for every miss happening in Muslim countries, or Muslim societies. Not only semi-literate mullahs of mosques of different shades sniff Jew’s mischievous plots, but educated Islamists of all hue and colour the world over too are being seen and heard citing all the times this bogey, and thus playing a major role in shaping a negative and parochial mindset in their youth members and young cadres. Which is the common feature of new Islamic literature written in Arabic, Persian, and especially in the Urdu language in general and particularly in the Mideast and Indian subcontinent In 2011 on a fine morning, I found myself in the central synagogue of Washington DC as a participant of a nine-member delegation comprising of Ulema, media persons, and community leaders and activists visiting the USA on a 21 days trip to States on the invitation of US State department. We were warmly welcomed by the chief Rabbi and served with dry fruits and testy eatables which we rakishly enjoyed. In conversation with the rabbi and his office bearers, our group very vehemently raised the Palestine question, and our spokesperson, one Maulana from Delhi, quoting Gandhi’s famous quote” Palestine belongs to Palestinians as Germany belongs to Germans and England to the English” advocated for the Palestinian cause and emphasized on giving their due rights with criticizing Zionist moves in the region. The rabbi very calmly and patiently heard us and answered that Zionism is only a plate form to betterment and work for the benefit of the Jewish community, it is not necessarily against Islam or any other religion and religious community or faith group. So in the United States there are so many interfaith groups wherein Muslims and Jews are participants alike and work together for common interests. Contrasting to this Jewish behaviour I found that when there is a mishap and dreadful incident in any Muslim place, instantly a Jewish conspiracy is on every lip. Even in world tragedies like that of 9/11 or 26/11, London bombing, Bali, Charlie Hebdo killing etc. did not escape the Jewish colour. Take for example the Nine Eleven tragedy there are so many theories still in currency about the Jewish involvement in this inhuman violent, and deadly strike in which 3 thousand innocent people were killed citing that why 3000 Jewish employees were on leave on the same day, though this is a pure creation of fervent imagination not confirmed by any authentic data or credible reporting. Be it Babri demolition on 6 December 1992, Danish cartoons, or ongoing Islamophobia in the world our Maulvis find Jewish hands behind everything. One Urdu writer very bizarrely outstripped all the others in this venture, having written a dozen books on conspiracy theories. To him, all the major historic, religious, sectarian conflicts, political upheavals like Hazrat ‘Uthman’s murder, Umayyad’s fall, Baghdad’s destruction by Hulago Khan, Timor’s sanguine invasions, Ottoman’s downfall, and Arab armies’ trounce by the Israeli army in 1948 and so on all were the handy work of mischievous, hidden Jewish conspirators. Asrar Alam very bizarrely whimsically attributed to Jews all these things without any soundproof or citing any credible reference, and his books are in currency among Ulema, Maulvis, and youth belonging to various Islamist organizations. A reader into his writings would conclude that the evil-doer Jews replaced the God Almighty !! because He is not doing anything in the world, all is done by sinister Jews. In fact, in our religious circles this mind-set is developed by the vast so-called Islamic literature produced chiefly by Islamist ideologues; Maulana Maududi, Syed Qutub, Mohammad Qutub et al. This is also picked by Salafi zealots and fundus of HT whose motif and mission are to re-establish the gone worldwide Islamic Caliphate either with mobilizing general masses or by launching a coup de tête if possible. Some of our madrasa, universities, and colleges have now become the bastions of their gory ideas, harping on their literal interpretations of Islam brainwashing the youth, and indoctrinating the boys and girls in their teenage. The only exceptions I found among Muslim Ulema were Maulana Wahiduddin Khan and Javed Ahmad Ghamidi and a few others. Here some would say that the Quran is also very harsh on Jews and disbelievers alike in compression to Christians whom he profusely praised. As the holy Quran says: Image from dark web discussion board: 'It's not Chinese. It's the Jew flu'Credit: Flora Cassen ----- Surely you will find the Jew and polytheists the bitterest of mankind in enmity towards those who believe. And surely you will find the nearest in affection to the believers those who say: we are Nazarenes.(5:82) Yes, it is true. The holy Quran in some places passed harsh comments on Jewish people, yet these have a context. Quran was revealed in parts, not in Toto, and it was revealed as a guide book for the Islamic movement let by the prophet (pbuh) going under very harsh circumstances, and his reform movement was welcomed neither by Jews nor by the pagan Arabs, so in this background, you should read all the passages of Quran sound very aggressive and hurting regarding Jews, It means that all such comments are only related to prophetic era and to his direct addresses and necessarily should not be taken in absolute and generalized terms. The generalization of fixed verses is a hermeneutic fault our Ulema easily fall prey to. So there is no justification whatsoever, for the dehumanization` of Jews as a whole. which is a common phenomenon and prevalent feature of today’s Muslim mind. And here It must be noted that I am not justifying Israeli occupation of Palestine or her atrocities and war crimes against innocent Palestinian civilians, not at all. I have been writing on Palestinian -Israeli conflict and its dreadful consequences for the past 15 years in Urdu and am fully aware that this is a very complex issue and emotional one too for both communities. Yet one can’t ignore that Noam Chomsky, the great thinker, linguistic luminary, is the greatest critical voice after Edward Said against Israeli and American establishments alike and he is a Jew. And also how can one ignore Uri Avery an Israeli liberal, the most vocal figure for Palestinian rights. Some seven years ago in Delhi, I was editing an Urdu news and views magazine, once one big Maulana from Hyderabad sent me a voluminous Arabic book running into 800 pages for review. Going through the book I noticed the writer mentioned Jews very contemptuously اولاد القردة والخنازير (Children of apes and pigs) on many places.it caused me so much disgust, sadness, and disappointment so I gave vent to my anguish on this sentence in the review I wrote on the book. There is no healthy attitude of condemning the whole nation or community for the crimes of some people or groups belonging to that community. The other important thing and to me the real problem is not the conspiracy of imperialism or the Jews. The real question is why we Muslims fall prey to conspiracies again and again. The reason might be found within us. Malik bin Nabi a noted modern Muslim thinker from Algeria, used to say that we Arabs and Muslims have the potential to fall prey to imperialism. Always blaming another nation instead of one's own crimes, one's own mistakes, and one's wrong policies makes one's own nation mentally ill and no one else be harmed. This is the real problem. We should try to overcome this negative ability. Why we are not realizing the fact that once upon a time Jews also faced the same miserable and wretched situations we are now going under, they survived the Holocaust, yet getting rid of that past ,looking forward went ahead. And thus they learnt their lesson while we haven’t. Very little in number, none the less, ruling the world! ----- Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef is a Research Associate with the Centre for promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India AMU Aligarh. URL: https://www.newageislam.com/interfaith-dialogue/muslim-obsession-jewish-conspiracy/d/126090 New Age Islam, Islam Online, Islamic Website, African Muslim News, Arab World News, South Asia News, Indian Muslim News, World Muslim News, Women in Islam, Islamic Feminism, Arab Women, Women In Arab, Islamophobia in America, Muslim Women in West, Islam Women and Feminism

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