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France And Germany Present And Example By Taking Steps In Favour Of Afghan Muslims And Uygur Muslims While The Muslim Countries Look On

France Condemns Chinese Persecution Of Muslims While Germany Welcome Afghan Muslims In Germany Main Points: 1. France passes a resolution condemning Chinese genocide of Uyghur Muslims. 2. Earlier Holland, Belgium and Italy passed resolutions against China. 3. Muslim countries supported China in the United Nations. 4. Germany made integration of Afghan nationals in German society easier ---- By New Age Islam Staff Writer 27 January 2022 Despite all the big talks of the Muslim countries of following and implementing Sharia, practically they do not show that kind of solidarity to the oppressed and victimized Muslims the world over while the non-Muslim nations whom the extremist Islamic preachers call the enemy of Muslims and Islam come forward to save Muslims in distress and protest against persecution of Muslims in non-Muslim countries. Recently France Parliament passed a resolution condemning the persecution of Turkic ethnic Uyghur Muslims by the Chinese government terming it as genocide of Muslims. The resolution demanded that the government should make protection of Uyghur Muslims taking refuge in France. Last year, Belgium, Italy and Netherland had also passed resolutions condemning Chinese persecution of Uyghur Muslims. More than a million Ethnic Muslims of Xinjiang province have been detained in so called re-education camps where they are forced to abandon their religious beliefs. The women there are raped and forced to go sterilization operations. Many prominent literary and political Uyghur personalities have been killed in these detention camps. Chinese government also forces the Uyghurs to do unpaid labour in cotton plants in the region. Last month the US had banned products produced by forced labor of Uygurs in the US. Unfortunately, Muslim countries have not condemned the Chinese policy in Xinjiang or passed resolutions condemning the genocide of Muslims. Instead they have defended and supported China on the issue. Importantly, two years ago, Chinese government had conducted a guided tour of ulema of Nahdlatul Ulema and Indonesian Ulama Council and representatives of some political parties of Indonesia. China had removed barbed fencing and other incriminating evidences before the tour and had shown them only some sections of re-education camps. After their return from the tour, the ulema of Indonesia had sung praises of China. Not only that, many ulema criticized the US media for unleasiing a propaganda against China. Indonesian government has maintained its stance that the Uyghur issue is an internal problem of China. Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has also maintained the stance taken by the ulema of Nahdlatul Ulema and Indonesian Ulama Council that Uyghurs are not being persecuted in Chinese detention camps and that it was only a propaganda of the US media against China. Saudi Arabia also defended China’s right to fight terrorists in its country suggesting that all the Uyghurs were terrorists. Turkey has not only kept silence on the issue but Uyghur refugees in Turkey have been harassed and deported by the Turkey government. This is in contrast to the policy of the France government which assured the protection of Uyghur refugees in the country. Interestingly, the resolution in the French Parliament against Chinese persecution of Uyghurs by the opposition Socialists but was backed by President Emnmanuel Macron’s LaRem Party. It may be recalled that last year, the whole of Islamic world had stood up against Macron for his comment on the Islamic world and he was branded an enemy of the Muslims and Islam. But on the issue of Uyghur genocide, It was Macron who took the lead in condemning Chinese genocide of Muslims and the Islamic nations are standing with China. It should also be noted that in 2019 western countries had sent letters to the UN Human Rights Council criticising China’s polcy against the ethnic minorities of Xinjiang province. In response China had also sent letter to the UN HR Council with the list of countries that supported its Uyghur policy. Distressingly there were many Islamic countries defending China. The list is as follows. The names of Muslim countries are in bold: Signing the second letter, in defense of China’s policies, were: Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Comoros, Congo, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Gabon, Kuwait, Laos, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Togo, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. Similarly, Germany has also showed the Islamic countries by accepting the fleeing Afghan citizens and giving them opportunity to integrate in the German society. Germany has said that Afghanistan was among the countries from which citizens are being accepted. The enrolment for integration courses for Afghan immigrants have been made easier by the present government. The Social Democratic Party in its election promises had assured of making its migration policy more lenient. The party has fulfilled its promise. The Foreign Minister of Germany Nancy Fazer said, “We should integrate the Afghan nationals into the German society soon because we know that they will live here.” It is an example for the Islamic countries that Germany has accepted more than 5000 Afghan nations since Taliban came to power last August. Last year, a German government agency had said that the Afghan nationals arriving in Germany after recent crisis are more educated than those arriving in 2015 and therefore, they will integrate into the German society more easily. The steps of France and Germany that have shown solidarity with the Muslims of two countries where they are being oppressed are an example for the Islamic countries. The western countries gave the displaced Muslims of Syria and Iraq during the 2014-2015 Syrian civil war as millions of Muslims were granted asylum in Germany, France and other western countries while Muslim countries sealed their borders to prevent them from entering their countries. Some countries deported them back to China to be persecuted and killed. France also granted asylum to Afghan nationals in the run-up to the ascent of Taliban and during the height of the war. France also welcomed those Afghans to France who worked for governmental and non-governmental organizations of France. This caused a mad rush among the Afghan nationals to migrate to France. All these developments indicate the grim realities within the Islamic countries which do not show such concern for humanitarian crisis as the Western countries show. The Ulema, as in the case of Indonesian ulema, also have a very poor understanding and knowledge of the international affairs and make statements due to their lack of knowledge that only harms the cause of the oppressed Muslims. They are totally unaware of the political developments of the world. The Taliban have not shown any interest in calling back the Afghan nationals who have sought shelter in Germany, France, Turkey and other countries. It is blot on their claims of being a truly Islamic organization as Muslims are fleeing from their own country because of the fear of persecution under them and ready to live in a country whom the Taliban consider the enemy of the Muslims. The Muslims feel safer and have more personal and religious freedom in Western countries than in Islamic countries. This provides food for thought who keep ranting against the Western countries. 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