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Think! Think! Think: Every Human Being Would Seem A Living Introduction To The Creator

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam
06 January 2016
If a man were to emerge from out of a sealed-up cave all of a sudden, everyone would be completely astounded. They would think this to be some sort of very strange miracle.
An infant emerging from its mother’s womb is a similar sort of miracle. But even though people witness this event, they don’t think it to be anything extraordinary at all.
Why this difference? It is because rarely, if ever, does a man emerge from out of a sealed-up cave, while an infant emerging from a woman’s womb is an everyday thing. The latter is something that people have got used to. They take it for granted. They do not think it necessary to give it any thought at all.
If people were to really seriously reflect on the phenomenon of a child emerging from a woman’s womb, they would discover the existence of the Creator. When they see and deeply reflect on a living human being born, a being that can move, see, hear and make sounds, they would realise that every human being is a mobile sign of the Creator’s existence. Every human being would seem a living introduction to the Creator.
When a human being is born and comes into this world, he finds that there is an elaborate life-support system in place for him. This life-support system is so complete that it magnificently fulfills every need, small or big, of human beings. From the earth to the sun, everything in the world, without exception, is engaged in the service of man.
Then the day arrives when a person suddenly dies. Man desires eternal life, but generally within a hundred years he dies, against his will, leaving behind this world forever.
Every human being who comes into this world faces two things: first, life, and, after that, death.  If you seriously ponder on this, you will discover a really important reality—and that is, our receiving birth and coming into this world is not for us to be rewarded for something, but, rather, for us to be tested. Life in this world is a test, not a reward.
In this world, we humans have freewill. We have been given freewill in order to know who among us uses our freewill properly and who misuses it, or, in other words, who among us leads a principled life and who does not.
If you seriously think about the issue, you will discover that death actually is the day of our appearing before our Creator. We human beings are eternal beings, our lifespan being divided into two parts: the pre-death period, and the post-death period. The pre-death period is for us to be tested, while the post-death period is for us to be rewarded or punished, according to our previous record.
Today, we find ourselves in this world as living, conscious beings. When we die, we are taken away from this temporary world and are transferred into the next world, which is an eternal world.
This moment is sure to arrive for all of us. This is an unimaginably serious moment. In the post-death period of our lives we will still be the same beings, but all our possessions would have been left behind. Left behind forever, too, will be this world. And extending before us will be the eternal world where we will reach without any material possessions at all.
Wise is the person who prepares himself for that impending day.
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