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Not Easy To Admit Follies Standing On Fake High Moral Ground

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam
29 December 2016
Israel’s Prime Minister has “lashed” out at the USA for abstaining to cast veto in the UN Security Council resolution which condemned Israel’s illegal settlement on the occupied land in Palestinian as being a “flagrant violation of International Law”.
The USA’s abstention in not taking part to vote on the resolution shows how difficult it is to abandon seven decades old folly; in company of France and Britten and of course over forty  odd other vassal States, but without any Palestinian participation, to facilitate the breeched delivery of the State of Israel.
US abstention not to take part in the voting but to let the remaining members of the Security Council take the obvious correct action is an evidence of America’s fork tongue nature and hypocritical diplomacy. Only few weeks back its ambassador at the UN lashed out saint like condemning others for being “shameless” .
The fact that USA did not use its veto to block the vote-- an undemocratic procedure in itself; suggests that it considered the ‘sponsored resolution’ as correct but did not have the moral fortitude to admit its past folly and join the international community represented by fourteen other members, to condemn Israel for violating international law. The vote therefore ended being 14 to 0 votes. What then does USA’s abstention depict?
It was a veto of a sort never the less, for it prevented the resolution from being unanimous Security Council vote against an international pariah. If the USA thought that the resolution as drafted was correct then the correct and moral action on its part surely was to vote for the resolution to make it an international unanimous condemnation of lawbreakers. It depicts cowardice.
USA knew that the resolution is not binding and even if it was, so what? Who takes any notice of such resolutions? Israel as usual would have ignored it in any case, so what did USA gain by displaying such hypocrisy? Politics is a science of hypocrisy after all and hypocrites have no morals! It is so difficult to admit to past follies and yet claim to be the international custodian of democracy and its policeman on false pretenses.
Israel’s argument justifying building illegal settlements in occupied lands – against Geneva Convention-- is said to provide for its “natural growth”. Does not the same argument apply to the Palestinians? No, obviously NOT!
But Israel’s guardian angels and the Cherubim have at last gathered enough moral courage to vote for the resolution. However Egypt, ever the blue eyed boy of the custodian did scum to the pressure and withdrew from sponsoring the resolution. At least it did vote for the resolution, its masters must have allowed it. Lap dogs have no choice.
Although like the previous resolutions against Israel, often vetoed by USA and if allowed to go through were ignored by Israel knowing very well that the military power and influence in the world of its sires has no equal; thus reminding one of the old Hindi film song: hamaraa sainyan’ hai kotwaal--hamain dar kahey kaa? My husband is the police chief-- so what do I have to fear? It is on this basis perhaps that Israel called in all the ambassadors of the sponsor countries and threatened retaliatory action against them. It can only be termed as right royal tantrum of a spoilt brat!
It is ironic that the UNO, a body that was formed after WWII to replace League of Nations, the UNO major architect and supporter was the USA; so much so that it allocated it a prime piece of land on its shores for its headquarters, to keep a close eye on it perhaps. It is then  that it should be so often made ineffective in its deliberations and democratic functions by it and the ‘club of five’ exercising a non- democratic veto power to frustrate its members’ majority to implement their opinion thus making a mockery of the of the organisation.
President- elect Donald Trump called UN ‘a club for people just to have a good time’. It has a ring of truth to it. Faiz Ahmad Faiz had said something on the same lines, though Mr Trump may not agree with him: iss may USA kaa U hai, baqi sub NO hi NO!- it has the U of USA, the rest is just NO, no! This is particularly appropriate as there are other countries too as members of the organisation who have no “decent respect to the opinion of mankind”. Although mankind assumes that it is represented by a body called the United Nations!
At least the international representatives seemed to have made a New Year’s Resolution to act a bit more ‘morally’-- if there is such a thing, but the new administration is not only for the status quo but seems to have decided to spoil the brat even more by reversing the resolution when it assumes office.
The result is obvious. The Palestinian people as a result will be strangled to death but ever so slowly and therefore cruelly. The Settlers breeding capacity in occupied land seems to be unmatched by any other community on earth. Hence the occupied land will be empty of the original “Palestinian people” and thus it will be entitled to be designated as Terra Nullius in time then for Israel to occupy it legally. 
If Terra Nullius is the hidden choice for building settlements in the occupied Palestinian land, the USA and others had many choices in their own countries in 1947 to allocate such areas to the Zionists. The best choices were vast areas of Egyptian or Saudi Arabian deserts. The Israelis by now would have made it bloom to feed the world.
Even today there is a huge chunk of land in Antarctic which by international treaty is supposed to be unclaimed. Though, United States and Russia have reserved the right to make a claim to it; there is no reason therefore why collectively they cannot allocate it to the Zionist? Even if they, in time will breed to claim the rest of Antarctic for their so called natural growth.
The countries occupying various portions of the land there would not be unhappy to part with it. Simplistically assuming then all problems would be solved and the world might just be at PEACE; as shown by the will of the members of the international community recently taking steps through the Security Council vote to redress the injustice—though only for formality, yet it is a start.  A skeptic might yet ask if the vote was cast of freewill or allowed by the custodian’s strategy and may suggest that it was allowed to justify the Nobel Prize it was given in advance.
The fact that this resolution came so close to the so called “goodwill season” of Christmas and for members to make New Years’ resolutions; somehow encourages one to hope for the best to come for all mankind. However all this hope can and will be dashed by the new administration taking over soon if it carries out its threat.
The parental instinct of ensuring security and nurture of one’s offspring, even if illegitimate, is a strong urge that overcomes and lulls any pangs of conscience. Hence it is not easy to admit to follies standing on false high moral grounds and when also possessing super military might. Although the incumbent US Secretary of State did say “Friends need to tell each other the hard truth”. The New Year does not auger well, never the less it is customary to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL at this time!
A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is a (Retd.) Engineer
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