Thursday, May 17, 2012

Islam, the law, and the sovereignty of God

Islam, the law, and the sovereignty of God

By Mark Gould

I conclude not by speculating on the prospects for a constitutional regime grounded in Islam, but instead on the capacity of Islam to be integrated into a liberal constitutional regime, where the religious precepts of Islam might be generalized within a larger civil religion. Here, I argue, the prospects are brighter that the inherently egalitarian values embedded in Islam may allow for this integration in the United States, where Islam is a minority religion, Muslims are diffused widely throughout society, and Muslims can have no reasonable hope of establishing an Islamic state enforcing Shari’a’s precepts. This is not an argument for Islamic constitutionalism, but for the full inclusion of Muslims within a viable constitutional system.,-the-law,-and-the-sovereignty-of-god/islamic-sharia-laws/d/107

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