Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FROM PAKISTAN, WITH LOVE: Thank you, Bollywood

FROM PAKISTAN, WITH LOVE: Thank you, Bollywood


Around 1973 or 74 when television antennae in Lahore started picking up Indian air waves from Amritsar, a tsunami of excitement engulfed us. To be honest, we weren’t thrilled by Doordarshan’s own output. To our eyes, it seemed clunky and dated. But the films . . . Ah! Now *that* was something else.

At first only a few fortunate houses got “India”, as we called Doordarshan. We pondered long and hard on what it was about these houses that made them more receptive. Was it their lack of tree cover; the height of their roofs; the angle of their antennae or just God’s grace? Our house did *not* get India. Every so often we’d send our grumbling driver up to the roof to prod and push the antenna into place.


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