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Pakistan Army Involved in Drug and Sex Scandal in Islamiah University of Bahawalpur

By New Age Islam Staff Writer 28 July 2023 5500 Sex Videos Of Girls Retrieved From Retired Army Major's Mobile Phone By The Bahawalpur Police Main Points: 1. The scandal is one of the biggest in Pakistan's history as an Islamic country. 2. Girls were made drug addicts and blackmailed. 1. 3.5500 girls of the university are the victims. 2. Chief Security Officer of the University is a retired major of Pak Army. 3. Retired major of Pak Army is the main accused in the scandal. 4. 113 drug suppliers were active in the university under retired major Aijaz Hussain Shah. ----- A huge drug and sex scandal has rocked Pakistan. 5500 sex videos have been retrieved from the phone of the chief security officer of the Islamiah University of Bahawalpur Pakistan and his aides. He was arrested while he was travelling in a car with a woman. Sex tablets and drugs were seized from his car. Thousands of sex videos of university girl students and women staff were found in his mobile phone. The chief security officer Aijaz Hussain Shah who is a retired army major of Pakistan is the kingpin of the drug and sex scandal along with some professors and department heads of the university. The enormity of the racket can be gauged from the fact that the Vice-Chancellor of the university was also involved in the sex and drug racket being run in the Islamiah University of Bahawalpur for the last ten years. Till now 5500 girl students were made drug addicts and forced into prostitution by the syndicate. The modus operandi of the group was that the secret agents of the security staff under CSO Aijaz Hussain Shah would film boys and girls in compromising position in the parks, bushes or isolated places. The agents produced the videos or photographs to Aijaz Shah for action but Aijaz Shah used the videos and photographs to blackmail girls. They would be made drug addicts and their sex videos were made while they were not in their senses. The videos were then used to blackmail them. Other girls were offered marks or grades in return for sex and their videos were also used to blackmail them. They also exploited the poor financial condition of some gorl students to force them into prostitution. The girls were sent to high profile personalities from all walks of life like bureaucrats, officers and businessmen. The girls suffered in silence and did not tell their parents. It is said that every three professors out of five in every department were involved in this racket. Since this had been going on for a long time, the university students had become accustomed to it. MNA Tarique Bashir Shah's son Wali Dad Shah was also found to be involved in the racket but his name was not included in the FIR. According to reports, government cars and ambulances were used to ferry girls to the clients. Unfortunately, a scandal of this scale is being suppressed because many high profile personalities including a retired major are involved in it. Instead of making large scale arrests, the police has till now arrested a few small players while professors, department heads and other staff have only been transferred or removed from service. The general insensitivity and cowardice of Pakistani people has also helped the culprits. In any other country, the common people including the guardians of the girls that were made victims would have hit the streets but the guardians of the 5500 girls in Pakistan are silent because they fear that if they protest, it will mean that their girls are the victims. Therefore, to save them from the stigma, they are silent. It is therefore, presumed that the scandal will be hushed up to save big fish. The main accused has been arrested and the Pakistan Army has reportedly told the authorities to give Aijaz Shah exemplary punishment but it appears to be mere hogwash. Though it has been reported that 113 drug suppliers were active in the campus, it has not been divulged by the university authorities or the police from where the drugs were supplied. That the drug supply network inside the university campus was run under the nose of a retired army major points the needle of suspicion towards the Pakistan Army. It is no secret now that Pakistan army has been involved in drug trade as a policy of the Pakistan Army since the 1991. In 1994, the former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had said in an interview that in 1991, the Pakistan Army Chief of Staff Aslam Beg and ISI head Asad Durrani had said to him that the army needed more money to pay for its covert operations and so they wanted to raise the money through drug sales. Actually, they had already made a blue print for the drug trade. They only needed Nawaz Sharif's approval which he refused. Those in the know of the way Pakistan Army works understand that Pakistan army executes its own plans and decisions irrespective of the approval of the government. However, the US State Department officials and Drug Enforcement Administration had said that they had no evidence that Pakistan Army is or ever was involved in Drugs trafficking. It is known to political analysts that the US admits or refutes an information according to its own convenience. Therefore, it cannot be said whether the United States was really unaware of Pakistan's involvement in drug trafficking. It is important to note here that two years before the interview and the denial of the U.S. State Department of any knowledge of Pakistan's involvement in drug trade, a consultant hired by the CIA ( a US intelligence department) said in its report that drug corruption had permeated all segments of Pakistani society and that the drug kingpins were closely connected with the country's key institutions including the President and military intelligence agencies (ISI). Now in September 2022, the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme produced a report titled "Narco-Insecurity, Inc, the convergence of Pakistan and Afghanistan narco-trade was made possible with the help of Pakistan's military spy agency the ISI, which launched several covert operations with sympathetic jihadist groups, all of whom relied heavily on narcotics trafficking to fund their operations. It goes without saying that NATO is headed by the United States. According to reports, 85 per cent of the total opium production of the world is comes from Afghanistan and 40 per cent of the Afghan drugs pass into Pakistan. Recently, the Indian media reported that Pakistan was smuggling drugs into India through drones. It is now clear that Pakistan army runs the drug business as an official policy and it generates 5 billion rupees revenue for them. In order to earn more revenue, they have apparently zeroed in on the universities of Pakistan. To pay for the costs of insurgency in Afghanistan and India, the Pakistan army have supplied drugs to the universities and Muslim girls studying there have been made victims. This is the level Pakistan army can stoop in order to cause damage to India. Surprisingly, the Pakistan Senate has passed the Army Act Amendment Bill in haste yesterday when a retired army major was arrested for drug supply in Islamiyah University. The Defence Minister Khwaja Asaf presented the bill which was passed. According to the bill, any one running malicious propaganda against the army on social and electronic media will be sentenced to two to five years of imprisonment and a fine. Obviously, the bill was passed a few day after the drug and sex racket had come to light to protect the army as a retired army major was arrested. The bill was brought to prevent the media from naming army in the racket. Since the army, politicians and bureaucrats are involved in the racket and the people of Pakistan have not spoken about it, the accused will be provided protection and thousands of innocent girls will have to swallow the humiliation at the cost of the 'covert operations of army' and to save the faces of the rich and the powerful of the feudal society of Pakistan. 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