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Islam Must Get Rid Of the Malady of Infallibility and Inviolability Syndrome

By Sumit Paul, New Age Islam 21 May 2022 Islam's Mullish Refusal To Alter Even A Dot In Its 6, 234 Quranic Verses Stems From Its False Superiority Complex, Apprehension Of Exposure And A Slumberous, Zombie Like Belief That The Quran Is INFALLIBLE And INVIOLABLE Important Points: 1. Islam's vehement insistence on maintaining scriptural status quo has been its bane. 2. Muslims have a terribly wrong and exasperatingly pontificating belief that Allah sent down the Quran and Muhammad to 'correct' and 'perfect' the previous two faiths. 3. The problem with the sub continental Muslims is that their education has hardened them all the more. ------- “Nothing in the recorded or unrecorded history of human civilization has been completely error-free and irreproachable. This applies to the 'revealed' religions and their scriptures as well. While all religions have accepted and corrected errors in their Books, one religion has remained locked in a time warp and that religion is: Islam...." -Iranian scholar and renegade Ali Dashti in his famous book, " Twenty Three Years: A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad, “Translated into English by F R Bagley Islam's vehement insistence on maintaining scriptural status quo has been its bane. What Tertullian (155 CE-220 CE) said in Latin nearly two millennia ago, applies to today's most of the Muslims, particularly the sub continental Muslims. He annoyingly said, " Credible est, quia ineptum est " (I believe it because it's absurd!). Though Christianity has somewhat come out of this religious absurdism, Islam refused to move on. Islam's Mullish refusal to alter even a dot in its 6, 234 Quranic verses stems from its false superiority complex, apprehension of exposure and a slumberous, zombie like belief that the Quran is INFALLIBLE and INVIOLABLE. Iranian apostate Ali Sina called it the Malady of Infallible and Inviolable Syndrome. Muslims across the world suffer from the Gradational/Chronological Superiority Complex. Let me explain this bizarre theological concept. Islam is the third and youngest among the three Semitic Faiths. In other words, Judaism was followed by Christianity and Christianity paved the way for Islam. Muslims have a terribly wrong and exasperatingly pontificating belief that Allah sent down the Quran and Muhammad to 'correct' and 'perfect' the previous two faiths. In a way, Islam improved upon Judaism and Christianity as the most PERFECT and UNBLEMISHED faith. So much so that it doesn't want any change and further correction/s. This flawed logic (Vitandabhaas/pathological sophistry) practically nullifies Judaism and Christianity as god's incomplete pathways. That's the reason, when a Muslim invites an Ahle-Kitab (people of the book) to the fold of Islam (Daawat-e-Islam), he/she patronizingly tells the other person to take a mere step and you're into the realm of the only TRUEST FAITH. The Muslims believe that when god already sent down a perfect Book and a Mard-e-Kaamil (the most ideal man in the form of Muhammad), who can dare tinker with the god's texts? Ergo, even to think that there're scores of flawed and ungodly verses that pollute the Al-Furqan, is tantamount to committing blasphemy. Muslims must know that many Hindus still believe that their Vedas are Apourusheya (not created by humans). But scholars have found chinks in them and now many Hindus grudgingly concede that Vedas are fraught with errors and silly things. I drew attention to many errors in Jain Agams and even scholarly Jain Munis accepted them. When Rahul Sankrityayan found anomalies in the Pitakas of Theravada Buddhism or Southern Buddhism (prevalent in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Burma), he wasn't censured. He later embraced Buddhism. When I was invited by a Granthi at a Gurudwara in Central India to explain Guru Gobind Singh's ' Zafarnama' (Account of Victories) written in poor and grammatically incorrect Persian with interpolations, I politely told the Granthi who knew a smattering of Persian that though I'd explain it to the devout Sikhs, I had doubt about its authenticity. He said, ' I also had doubts. Thanks, you too said the same thing.' This is maturity. This is the willingness to change with the changing times. But Muslims, though not all, are still labouring under the misconception that the Quran is an Aasmani Kitaab that descended on Muhammad and must remain unchanged and unpolluted. In Nyaya Shastra, there are four Negation-evolving terms: Aabhaas (Glimpse/hint)/Durabhaas (Illusion)/Hetvaabhaas (Hallucination) and finally Vitandabhaas (Nonsensical logic). Muslims across the world are suffering from the last Vitandabhaas. Their very Mantiq (logic in Arabic) is erroneous. But they're reluctant to accept that their understanding of the Quran and Hadees is fallacious. Do they ever think logically as to why the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia recently rejected many Hadees (Muhammad's borrowed and dubious teachings)? They'll not be taught any longer in Saudi Arabia, place of Islam's origin! Interestingly, when I talk to my educated Arab Muslim friends settled in the western countries and speaking Arabic, many of them agree that Quran needs a volte-face! But here, the sub continental Muslims are simply reluctant to effect any change and mind you, they resort to the translations of the Quran as most of them don't know Arabic. These Muslims suffer from Taggart's classic An Entrant's Dilemma. A newcomer is always much more agog to prove his/her loyalty to the organization he or she joins. Naya Musalman Zyada Pyaaz Khaata Hai, just to prove his unwavering allegiance to his new faith. That's the reason, neo-converts joined ISIS in droves. One 'educated' but brainwashed Bengali Hindu, settled in the UK, not only joined ISIS but even gave interviews to British dailies justifying the execution of all infidels. That nincompoop convert Siddharth Dhar (Muslim name: Abu Rumaysah) was ISIS' face of executioner after the death of Jihadi John (Muhammad Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born reprehensible British militant). He'd behead the captives reciting from the Quran! Many neo-converts, young men as well as women from Kerala, surreptitiously joined ISIS, got killed or ended up warming the beds of the rogues and Satyrs of ISIS. Just broach the subject of changing even a dot in the Quran with such over-enthusiastic neo-Muslims and your ticket to hell or heaven is assured. The problem with the sub continental Muslims is that their education has hardened them all the more. That's why, many seemingly educated, rational Muslims have made it their lifetime mission to prove the infallible godliness of the Quran. Such people think that the Quranic verses are lapidary-granite inscriptions that cannot and mustn't be changed or flirted with. So long as this morbid mentality persists, Islam and Quran cannot come out of the morass of ignorance and the Stygian darkness. ---- An occasional columnist for New Age Islam, Sumit Paul is a researcher in comparative religions, with special reference to Islam. He has contributed articles to world's premier publications in several languages including Persian. 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