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Types of Terrorism and Methods to Restrain Them

By Basil Hijazi, New Age Islam
Translated by New Age Islam Edit Bureau
27 December 2017
The threat of terrorism is no longer a temporary condition. But rather it has now turned into a ground reality. The reason is that we have failed in restraining this threat. Now the question arises; how to fight this threat as an ideology, behaviour and ground reality? It is not impossible to curb this threat. What we need to do is analyse this phenomenon. In this regard we can also benefit from the so-far researched materials on this cancer. Many individuals and institutions have appeared striving hard for covering and analysing all aspects of this issue. One of such platforms is which is seriously exploring all aspects of resisting the threat of terrorism.
In the last two columns, this writer avoided the detailed definition of terrorism, because there is huge disagreement in its definition; which is nothing but a matter of complexity. However this writer has already pointed out some of its aspects. Therefore in this column too, I shall not go into enough detail about the various definitions of terrorism—but move forward instead, in a bid to shed light on the types of terrorism.   
Terrorism Can Be Classified As Follows;
1- Transnational Terrorism
2- State-sponsored Terrorism
3- Sub-State Terrorism
4- Ideological Terrorism
5- Religious Terrorism that aims at eliminating its opponents
6- Political Terrorism
7- Media Terrorism which promotes the culture of violence and Takfiri
Some Significant Causes of Terrorism:
1-    Terrorist groups think their rights are violated. Thus they excessively use their power in order to achieve their rights and compensate for what they think they have lost.
2-    Getting Influenced by the violent religious literature; which allows the use of violent resources for doing the right and forbidding the wrong, or the literature that permits blood-shedding of those who disbelieve the religion of the terrorists.
3-    The big countries bullying the small countries want to establish their domination on these small countries. In this effort not only do they give rise to birth of terrorists but also, with the support of the pre-established anti-national elements, damage the peace and security of these small countries.

4-    The countries feeding the terrorists attack the peaceful environment of such small countries in order to destruct their economies. For this purpose, they engage with the religiously-inspired groups. As a result, the small countries become weaker and consequently need the support of the big and rich countries. This way the big countries attain more power.
5-    With the tactics or rule of “War within Islam”, Islam is attacked by Islam. Thus Islam is also accused of terrorism.
6-    Constitutional clauses of some countries, by which these governments work to cope with certain specific sections of society.
7-    Governmental or non-governmental genocide
8-    Terrorism of government-controlled organizations.
Methods to Prevent Terrorism
1.    No justification should be accepted for any crime. In order to curb the stream of terrorism, It is necessary to describe crime as crime in all cases. If the door of justifying crime is opened or the crime is divided into good and evil, there will be a high risk of terrorism getting boosted. 
2.    Governments should act as per law and constitution, provide the citizens with fast justice and condemn the violent ways used for demanding the rights. The governments — which respect their nations, provide the citizens with their rights from time to time and ensure their freedom of expression, are hardly confronted with terrorism, especially from internal elements.
3.    Violent and extremist thinking should be considered to be a constitutionally criminal act and thereupon the laws should be enacted in this regard.
4.    The media promoting terrorism should be banned, including TV channels, newspapers, radios and websites, whether they belong to any profession or any religion (Shi'a, Sunni, Christian, Jewish). They should not be allowed to work this way.
5.    The elements inviting for terrorism should be strictly punished, without worrying much about their sanctity, such as Sheikh, Maulvi, writer, author, columnist etc.
6.    Religious scriptures should be updated and all the references calling for violence and extremism should be deleted from them, including the books of Shias, Sunnis, Christians and Jews. This should be done without wasting further time.
7.    The arms should be limited only to the government machinery. The concept of trembling terrorism is not possible unless non-governmental elements are disarmed.
8.    Eventually the most important and essential thing is sincerity. All these suggestions should be followed with full dedication and sincerity.
The question also arises; why did such terrorist outfits come into existence? Is it an effort to distort the face of Islam? If this is really so, it is then also necessary to establish the ideological reformation, as one of the aspects of this war is purely related to ideology, faith and creed.

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