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Stop 'Islamophilia' to End Islamophobia

By Tawfik Hamid
16 Nov 2016
When you encounter a religious ideology in the 21st century that promotes killing apostates, stoning women to death for sexual indiscretions, and brutally slaughtering gays; an ideology that instigates wars to impose its inhumane value system upon others; an ideology that not only condones but encourages its soldiers to take female war prisoners as sex slaves — and when you contemplate the number of terrorist acts conducted in its name — then you begin to realize that feeling some trepidation in the face of that religious ideology is not only rational, but probably advisable from a purely survival instinct standpoint.
It is definitively not an irrational response, and therefore by definition nota phobia. In fact, to not recoil in horror from such an ideology must be seen as a disease that needs to be treated.
The current mainstream Islamic ideology not only promotes these atrocities, but the leading Islamic scholars are teaching it as an integral part of the Islamic religion.
There is neither a single major approved Islamic theological institute nor a leading Islamic scholar who stands unambiguously against these barbaric 7th century values and teachings. And yet some people wonder why reasonable people respond with alarm, and decry such a response as “Islamophobia.”
If these teachings and these atrocities were to decline and disappear, this so-called “Islamophobia” would soon afterwards also begin to decline and disappear.
A deeper analysis of this situation reveals that the real problem is actually “Islamophilia” not “Islamophobia.”
“Islamophilia” has taken a variety of forms, such as insisting that Islam is a religion of peace, pronouncing Jihad a peaceful endeavor, and claiming that Shariah laws are compatible with the U.S. Constitution — despite overwhelming evidence against such unfounded assertions, which contradict both historical facts and current mainstream Islamic teaching.
Such “Islamophilia” — which is based on hallucinations and pathological lying — has impeded our ability to recognize the true cause of Radical Islam since Sept. 11 2001, and has thus allowed this ideological cancer to spread, resulting in increased hatred of the religion and aggravating the problem of “Islamophobia.”
Liberal left (and Muslim) champions of a blind disregard for the role of the religious teaching in creating the phenomenon of terrorism, have actually aggravated the problem of “Islamophobia” by adopting a pathological “Islamophilia.”
And this bizarre “Islamophilia” has impeded the efforts of many Muslim reformers by preaching that there is no problem at all in the ideology, and accordingly, there is no need for reformation.
This is like a physician insisting that there is no cancer and thus preventing other doctors from treating it — allowing the cancer to spread inexorably.
The complete irrationality of many Islamic and liberal left groups in addressing the phenomenon of radical Islam, and their utter lack of objectivity in evaluating the problem has created anger among many of those who have evaluated the problem in an honest and unbiased manner.
The latter have realized that “Islamophilia” is based on lies and is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.
The anger this has aroused has resulted in more hatred toward Muslims and has made things considerably worse. Had these groups addressed the problem of Islamic radicalism in an honest and realistic manner, and had they admitted the obvious fact that the Islamic ideology plays a major role in the phenomenon of radical Islam, the level of anger and thus “Islamophobia” would be far less widespread than it is today.
Imagine that the aforementioned physician had instead recognized — and admitted — that the patient had a disease. Then therapeutic measures would have been taken and the patient would be much healthier today.
The blind defenders of an Islam that exists only in their imaginations have by denying the existence of the disease seriously impeded the treatment process, which has resulted in the more and worse complications that we see today.
In brief, “Islamophilia” is the real threat that must be defeated first if we are to have any hope of halting and reversing the spread of so-called “Islamophobia.”
Dr. Tawfik Hamid is the author of "Inside Jihad: How Radical Islam Works, Why It Should Terrify Us, How to Defeat It."
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