Thursday, April 28, 2016

Water from Stones

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
28 April 2016
Several years ago, Russian scientists conducted an experiment and discovered that it is possible to squeeze water out of stones! The experiment entailed extracting rocks from a few metres under the surface of the earth, placing them in metal containers, and then subjecting them to an immense pressure of ten tones per square centimetre, which caused drops of water to drip out from them.
This is a sign of God, providing us with valuable lessons about the amazing potentials and possibilities that God has kept for us in this world to access. A rock is a hard, dry object but water can start to drip from it when a certain action is performed on it!
Consider this story. A Muslim man built a house for himself. His neighbour was a contractor by profession and belonged to another community. There was a plot of land in between their houses, and soon they both started quarrelling over it. Each claimed that the land belonged to him. The contractor perceived that he could not manage to get his way by himself, and so he approached some communal-minded people of the town and instigated them against the Muslim man. Soon, an angry crowd gathered outside the latter’s house, making a big hue and cry.
The Muslim man stepped out of his house. He was aware that the crowd was bent on creating trouble for him. He knew that if he got even slightly provoked, the crowd could easily kill him and burn down his house. And so, he said to the men: “Who is your representative? Please come forward so that we can talk.”
Four or five ‘leader’-like men stepped out. The Muslim took them to his office. When they had comfortably sat down, he said to them, “This is a very small issue, and it can very easily be solved. As you know, the rightful ownership of a property is indicated in the official documents. By examining the relevant documents, you can find out who the rightful owner of any bit of land is. I will hand over my documents to you, and you can also take the contractor’s documents. Please examine both sets of documents, and after that I am ready to accept whatever decision you arrive at.”
On hearing the Muslim speak like this, the communal-minded ‘leaders’ suddenly completely forgot their anger. “This is a very reasonable man. He has allowed us to decide the issue on our own!” they remarked, very surprised.
The men spent the next few days examining the documents. Finally, they decided in favour of the Muslim.  These men were, to begin with, like rocks, but when they were pressed, as it were, by the Muslim man’s noble behaviour, drops of water then began dripping from the ‘rocks’.
A psychologist once very rightly remarked, “When one’s ego is touched, it turns into super-ego, and the result is breakdown.” The fact is that there is a ‘devil’ inside every human being. Ordinarily, this ‘devil’ lies fast asleep. Your intelligence lies in letting this ‘devil’ in others remain sleeping. If, however you act foolishly, you will awaken this ‘devil’, and then it will go about doing everything that it can against you.
No matter whose hidden ‘devil’ you awaken through your foolishness—he could be someone from your community or from another community, or even your own brother or other close relative—you will have to face the same sort of bitter consequences.
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