Monday, December 16, 2013

Segregated By Sex Inside-British-University: Shocking Picture Shows How Men Were Reserved Front-Row Seats While Women Had To Sit At the Back

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Women and men sit separately at a day-long seminar at Leicester University earlier this year - which was about how to 'talk to non Muslims about Islam convincingly and in a structured way'
‘Land Distribution among Women Reducing Cases of Domestic Violence’, In Pakistan
All-Women Eatery Opens in Taif
College Women Tunisia Have Diverse Opinions on Islamic Dress
Saudi Scholarship Student Rescues 3 Saudi Women from House Fire in Indiana, USA
Despite Their Absence, Rural Pakistani Women Impress Through Work
Burqa and Pakistani Women
DI Khan By-Polls: Women Prevented From Voting In Garhi Shamozai
Muslim Girls of Palanpur, India, Take To Martial Arts for Empowerment
First Ever School For Muslim Girls in Mumbai to Turn 75
Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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