Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Law Students of Saudi Arabia Raise Awareness on Abuse Laws

The arrest of a young woman in France for wearing a full face veil caused riots and led to a key trial shunning the ban. PHOTO: AFP
‘State Of Women in the Pakistan Punjab Is Deplorable’
Somalia Court Sentences 'Rape Victim'
UNFPA calls for review of judicial practices surrounding sexual behaviour in the Maldives
Key trial challenges legality of French veil ban
Watchdog fines Turkey’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ over sexual innuendo
Why the UK Needs To Help Deliver on Women’s Rights in Afghanistan
Pak Government Urged To Eradicate Discrimination against Women
One Billion Rising’s Bid To End Violence Against Women
5 Great Female Human Rights Activists in MENA
Arab Ambassadors' Wives Visit Needy Beijing Children
Top NGOs Failing Middle Eastern Women
Afghan Student from the University Of Bath Wants To Help Rebuild Her Country
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