Saturday, December 28, 2013

Half-Sister of Cherie Blair: ‘A Member of the Muslim Ummah, No Longer a Spectator’

Carol Schillios (left) and Kaaba Coulibaly (third from left) pose with Kaaba’s two daughters Hawa (between Carol and Kaaba) and Aicha (right).
Kashmiri Fatwa Allows Remarriage of Women with Missing Husbands
Indian National Police Academy to Get Its First Woman Chief
Edmonds Woman Closing Fabric Shop, Continuing Poverty Fight in Africa
11-Year-Old Saudi Girl Launches YouTube English Language Series
Why Saudi Women Languish In Jail
Rights Group Petitions Lagos Speaker Over 2 Brutalised Women
Law and Order: LHC Seeks Report on Acid Throwing Lady Doctor
Obama Signs Defense Bill Cracking Down On Military Sexual Assault
Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau


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