Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There is a Muslim in Evolution Class

by Ahmad Ali

Ahmad Ali criticises Muslim mentality of not taking into account the scientific research and trying to prove their point without understanding Islam and Quran. He writes:
Clearly, we must move beyond stereotypical divisions of ‘faith vs. reason’. This is a complex issue because the issue here is clearly not about intelligence, scientific curiosity, hard work or open enquiry. These British Muslim students have enrolled and successfully qualified for these courses beating thousands of other applicants by exhibiting these very qualities. So calling these individuals backward or insulting their intelligence in any other similar type of fashion is wrong.
Having said that, I myself, as a British Muslim student studying medicine deeply disagrees with this walkout; protest cannot be the way we engage with new scientific discoveries. Our faith cannot be so weak and so fragile that it shatters at the first sight of apparent contradiction and doubt. It cannot be held hostage to reactionary forces that channel emotional frustrations at the state of Muslim power in the world. Instead of seeking head on confrontation; dialogue must be sought for.

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  1. what is scientific notation
    Scientific Notation include in the mathematics course. In the world of science some time we deal with numbers which are very small and those which are very large. In some branches of science large numbers while in others very small numbers are used.