Friday, March 16, 2012

Gilgit Baltistan and Human Rights Violation

by Abdul Hamid Khan

Columnist and Chairman, Balawaristan National Front, Abdul Hamid Khan in his speech in UNHRC describes HR violations in Gilgit Balistan in the following words:
Human Rights abuses are widespread and common practice in Balawaristan (Pakistan and China occupied Gilgit Baltistan) since Pakistan took its control treacherously by using religion as its occupation tool. The absence or representation, Judiciary and free media and non access of Human Rights organizations and specially the failure of UN in implementation of its resolution have helped the Islamabad to hide its illicit practices.
The situation in Gilgit Baltistan is deteriorated, when about 20 Pakistani Army uniform terrorist killed 18 innocent Shia Muslims in Harban Kohistan Diamar border on 28th Feb. 2012 at about 8 AM after carefully checking their ID Cards issued by Pakistan. The terrorists stopped 4 passengers’ vehicles including one Bus and 3 other vehicle and asked the passengers to come down and show their identity. By identifying them as Shias and killed them on spot and some were handcuffed and slit their throats. Kohistan Police arrived on the spot but did not interfere this heinous act, after completion of this carnage the uniformed terrorist climbed on the mountain and disappeared.

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