Friday, March 16, 2012

No Women on Bikes, Please!

by Ramzay Hayat

Columnist Ramzay Hayat has describes as to how women are being treated in the Muslim countries on the name of religion. He writes:
No rocket science needed to realise that the only way to save the bodies and souls of our brothers and sisters is to segregate the sexes completely — a feat so gloriously achieved, howsoever briefly, by our brother Taliban during their golden rule in Afghanistan
The orange-clad biker flew by me, like a solar flare, as I turned right on to the lower Mall. Refusing to believe what I appeared to have seen, shortly when I encountered the same biker tanking up at the petrol pump next to the Government College hostel, my fears were confirmed — it was a girl solo-riding a motorcycle. She was turning heads just doing her thing — not in Rome, Rio or any other hotbed of sin but right here in our holy city by the Ravi, where even simple pleasures like kite flying are banned. ‘Girls gone wild’, a la Lahore? Surely, no biker babes are to be tolerated in the Islamic Republic which — forget the original secular vision of Jinnah — today stands reincarnated in the image of Ziaul Haq?

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