Friday, March 16, 2012

Burn the Burqa, and the Beard

Burn the Burqa, and the Beard
by Saif Shahin, New Age Islam

New Age Islam columnist Saif Shahin has taken up an issue most misunderstood in
the Muslim community. This brilliant piece explains the issue in the following words;
pronouncements of Muslimness. You spot a woman in a burqa anywhere in the
“FOR some time now, the burqa and the beard have been the most telling
Muslim just yet, but the luxurious untrimmed ones, particularly when accompanied
world and you know that she is a Muslim. Beards are not quite as exclusively
by a clean upper lip, are close to becoming so.
 There is nothing essentially Islamic about either of them. The Quran does not make it mandatory for women to wear the burqa: it simply asks all Muslims, men and women, to dress modestly. Nor does it insist on beards for men. The rationale often cited is that Prophet Muhammad used to sport a beard, and hence it is Sunnah to do so. But Sunnah is supposed to be what made the Prophet distinct, and his beard certainly didn’t. Even Abu Lahb and Abu Jahl, his biggest enemies, are known to have sported beards. In any case, many bearded Muslims care little about a number of other things the Prophet did, distinctive or not.”

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